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  1. Thanks for replies with your experiences, everyone. This is for personal use, but if I ever did quilt for others, I would definitely disclose that I have pets. Even if it goes in a room with a door, there's no avoiding fur and dander in my house;-).
  2. I've ordered my Lenni, but it will be a while before it arrives. I'm trying to work out where it will live. The living room is fine with me and my boyfriend, and the dogs are not a problem, either. My concern is the cats. Does anyone have cats who have access to their longarm? Is it a problem? I'm not worried about fur, there will be lots of that no matter where Lenni lives, I'm more worried about the cats shredding batting or laying on the quilt top and stretching it while it's loaded on the rails. Has anyone had these problems and figured out a way to solve them? Any advice is much a
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