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  1. Thank you for all of your comments. I think I am going to have to at least do some extra pinning / basting in order to center this cute little quilt over a pieced backing, otherwise I might end up with the back looking very unbalanced. As for doing SID, I think I should do around the borders, as I might try something 'custom' in them with an all-over pantograph just on the inner panel part. I am so new to all of this and I'm not sure I'm ready for too much custom work. Maybe I'm biting off too much this time with the pieced back. Nervous and excited at the same time, LOL! Thanks again. I really appreciate how this forum and the APQS community works so well to help everyone. Have a great weekend!
  2. Hello! Complete newbie here, although I've owned my Lenni for a year now. I've just had the BEST week ever, finally loading on 2 charity quilts, and then 2 of the 3 baby quilts I had waiting. I used 2 different pantographs to stitch them and I'm quite happy with the results. The 3rd baby quilt is for my own dear granddaughter, so I'd like to make the effort to have it look as nice as possible, but still only using a pantograph. The quilt is a large panel in the center with 4 borders around it of various sizes. The 3rd border is made up of 4" finished blocks. I've read that SID helps to make the quilting look more professional and even, regardless of whether is is pantograph or custom quilted. Do you agree? I did find that the borders on my 'test' quilts sort of looked a bit full or bunched up as I quilted. I floated the batting and top, basting as I advanced the quilt using marked edges to try and keep the width the same. If I do want to SID, do I do that for the entire quilt, top to bottom and then start over at the top again for the pantograph, or SID, baste, then quilt one section, then advance, then SID, baste, quilt the next section?? Do I SID to outline the borders only, or also between each of the squares in border #3? What about within the printed panel? There are some rectangle type shapes within the panel that could be outlined. Here is a url that shows what the panel looks like : Thank you in advance for any and all comments/advice! I'm going to go make binding for the other quilts while I wait for replies. Have a great day everyone! Sherry
  3. Hello Everyone! I have had my Lenni since August 2015, but due to a number of issues, was not really able to do much but set up my machine, and test to see if it worked. Then it sat... sadly, for almost a year. Recently, I was able to attend a beginner class (I'd already had a 'renter's class', but that was over a year ago) with the lady who sold me my Lenni (thanks Tracey Russel of Whirls 'n Swirls Quilting in Oshawa, ON Canada). I had been so afraid to do something detrimental to my machine that I wasn't confident to try... Tracey's class gave me the confidence to give myself permission to try to use the machine. After carefully going through cleaning procedures and running through some test fabric, I loaded on a quilt top for the charity that I support and the 'Bumpity' pantograph that Tracey gave me. Yay, all worked well. A few glitches, which Tracey's class covered so I was still OK, and then I loaded my second charity quilt with a different pantograph. OMGOSH, I am actually doing this, and I love it! Then I put on a baby quilt top that I've had waiting for over a year. Yay! another one done, and then another one! Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me throughout the process of selecting and buying a machine, and especially to Tracey, who, not only being an APQS dealer, is also an amazing teacher and author of her own FMQ books! Can't beat this APQS family. Love to all Sherry H, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Lenni Mom, August 2015
  4. Hello there! Yesterday I received my 7 box shipment containing my new Lenni with a Bliss Table!! I have a bit of a concern with what we ended up putting together and thought I should ask before I do too much and risk damaging either my new baby or me! We used the instructions from the USB stick that came in the shipment to do the assembly, so assume it is the most up-to-date? I think the Lenni has been somewhat redesigned a bit, because the encoder box/wires do not look quite the same as in the diagrams from the manual. The cable looks quite a bit different. Hubby says it is an RJ-45 style cable/jack (not sure what that means but maybe some of you do...). In the assembly instructions, it mentions a grounding wire that comes from the encoder and connects to the machine head. There was no such wire/connector on the encoder box we received. Is that a problem? or is the newer model/design implementing the grounding in a different manner? I always worry about anything that is electrical and grounding is mentioned!!! Any info you could provide either regarding the grounding wire itself or in which forum I should post this question would be most sincerely appreciated! Sincerely, Sherry H, New Lenni Mom!
  5. With my most dear hubby doing most of the assembly work, my Lenni is now set up but so far I've only had the courage to plug it in and turn it on to see if it actually powers up! I think the USB stick with the assembly instructions/manual may be a bit out of date because some of the parts don't match entirely. I'm going to hunt around on the forums to see if there is a more suitable spot for this question, but thought I would post here as well. I think the Lenni has been somewhat redesigned a bit, because the encoder box/wires do not look quite the same. The cable looks quite a bit different. Hubby says it is an RJ-45 style cable/jack (not sure what that means but maybe some of you do...). In the assembly instructions, it mentions a grounding wire that comes from the encoder and connects to the machine head. There was no such wire/connector on the encoder box we received. Is that a problem? or is the newer model/design implementing the grounding in a different manner? I always worry about anything that is electrical and grounding is mentioned!!! Any info you could provide either regarding the grounding wire itself or in which forum I should post this question would be most sincerely appreciated! Hugs, Sherry
  6. Bad hair day, braces showing in my smile and wearing old yoga not a great picture of me, but look what came to my house today. YESSSSSSSSS! Now to start carefully opening boxes and taking inventory. Busy weekend ahead, LOL! Sherry
  7. Thanks for all of your kind words! We are away from home on vacation now, and I actually am wishing I was home to receive my machine sooner, LOL! And, yes, Gail, I will have you over once I'm set up so you can check out the Bliss table. So excited and really looking forward to running through a couple of the baby quilts as starter projects. SIncerely, Sherry
  8. Hi Everyone! Not sure if this is where I should be posting (LMK if I should post elsewhere). After looking at a VERY old Ultimate machine and asking advice here, turning down the purchase of said Ultimate, looking around a bit, meeting a wonderful lady(through this forum) in my area who invited me to her home to see/play with her Millie, and taking a 'Renter's Prep class' at a shop near me (We R Quilts, Prescott, ON), I ended up going to a Quilt show in Kingston, Ontario and test drove a Lenni. I loved the Lenni. Not quite as big as Millie, but I don't need that extra throat space. There was a 'demo' sale promotion going on which took a fair amount off the list price and with the 30 day timeframe to change my mind about going ahead with the purchase, my dear hubby said... 'Go For It!'. So I did. Tracey Russell of 'Whirls N Swirls Quilting', who was the APQS dealer at the show in Kingston, set up my order for a Lenni. I asked to have the Bliss table, extended table base (for ruler work) and the multi position handles. Then hubby and I left our Ontario home to go to our cottage in New Brunswick. When the 30 days was nearing, I asked hubby about it and he seemed uncommitted. So disappointed...I thought I was going to have to cancel the order!! Half way through the day, he said...'you know what, there will never be a better time for you to do this...go ahead with the order!", so I did!!! OMGOSH, at the latest, second week of August I will be a new Lenni owner!!! I am SO excited. When we get home from our cottage visit, I'll have a few days to clean out and organize the room I will set up in and I can't wait to load on the 3 baby quilts I've got waiting! Thanks again to all who advised me regarding the used Ultimate machine I looked at. I am looking forward to joining this APQS family forum officially in a couple of weeks! Sincerely, Sherry
  9. Nigel, thank you for the link to the Yahoo group. I've joined the group and later today I hope to have some time to read messages and see what might be available in the way of used machines, etc. Gail, you are a sweetheart for inviting me to test drive your machine. I'll send you a private message.
  10. Gail, thank you for your kind offer to test drive your Millie. It is good to know that there are APQS machine owners nearby that I could call upon for help. I think I will visit the shop in Prescott ( We R Quilts) and see what they have. Since I live outside of Ottawa, it is probably only half or three quarters of an hour drive...shorter than the trip to Orleans to shop at Quilty Pleasures! Sherry
  11. Hello again! I pretty much got no extra info from the owner, so I called APQS to see what they had to say. I spoke with Mark, and with the information I gave he determined that the machine would have been built between 1984 and 1989 because the table design changed in 1990. He also said that APQS would not be able to take it on a trade because they don't use that type of table for any other machines, so if I decided I didn't like it, I might have difficulty re-selling it. As well, he said it would be worth about $1000-1500 USD, which is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 what is being asked. With the unknowns of how it has been taken care of, and that there is not much that could be done to add any features I might want to have (needle down position being one), I've decided to pass on this one. I am so glad that I posted here for help, and thank you all very much. I'll keep looking. I'm not in any hurry to purchase, just keeping my eyes open for a good deal Sherry
  12. Do you all know how wonderful you are? Thank you for all of your words of wisdom. I'm going to call and ask a few more questions of the owner (hopefully get a serial number, and maybe the repairman's name and number to see if any of the bushings, etc have been replaced) Looking at parts in the online store, it appeared that the needle bar and bushings have to be replaced at the same time? Or am I misunderstanding something. The bushings are cheap, but adding the needle bar is quite a bit more, LOL! The price being asked is $3700 Canadian, which is the machine with a 14 foot wooden frame/table, probably original track and wheels. So, depending on what sort of tune-up might be required, would this be a good price for the entire setup? Thanks again for being so helpful to a newbie on the forum! Much appreciated! Sherry
  13. Hello Everyone! and thank you in advance for your help. I've come across an Ultimate 1 with a 14' table with what sounds like a good price, but I'm not sure what to be checking, what features it does or does not necessarily have, and what I can add/upgrade (and at what cost!) if I need more functionality than what it comes with as is. I do know that it does not have a 'needle down' position (is that the same as a stitch positioner?), is not stitch regulated, does not have a laser light (but does have a stylus/pointer which they've been using for pantograph quilting). The current owners are not the original owners, and they do not have any manuals/paperwork so I don't know how old it is and would want to get a manual / DVD so I could do proper setup, maintenance and maybe some repairs. I've seen it being used and gave it a quick test run myself, but was a bit concerned when the bobbin thread kept breaking. Seemed better after I got them to change the needle (after they'd changed the bobbin twice and also changed the thread they were using). Reading many posts and comments in the forums, and seeing how they loaded the sample, I'm pretty sure they over tightened the rollers. Some of the things I will need to test when/if I see it again are the needle bar, hopping foot and rocker bushings. Are these expensive to replace? Is it something I would do or would I have to send it off to APQS? I'm near Ottawa, Ontario and don't know if there are service people near here. I think there is a dealer in Prescott, Ontario, but I don't know if they service as well I think the foot that was on it looked like the the 'flip flop' foot, and I can't remember if it hopped or glided over the fabric surface. The wheels on the part holding the machine (is that called the carriage?) I believe were vertical, but I think this would be unusual for a Ult 1? The wheels were a dark grey/black material, definitely not plastic. I found the movement kind of heavy ... but maybe I'm just wimpy and it takes a bit of muscle to maneuver?? Or should it be smooth regardless? They told me there is nothing required to be done to the tracking system (tells me they don't clean it or oil it ... if that is necessary?) The table is a big, solid, dark wood one, with 4 rollers. They also had two large rollers hung in front of the machine which they load big rolls of batting onto. There are 30 pantograph patterns that come with the setup. The owners could not seem to answer the last time it was serviced, but they don't do regular tuneups ... just call in 'the Polish guy who fixes all their machines' whenever something doesn't work. They have 2 other industrial sewing machines for their upholstery business which he services as well, so I assume he has a basic knowledge of sewing machines, but not necessarily an APQS expert. Not sure what he's fixed or replaced over the years on the Ult 1. Makes me a bit nervous that they have used the machine for 10 years making quilts for local home builders who were staging model homes and yet they haven't kept track of maintenance records, or done any regular maintenance other than oiling 4 spots on the top of the head. They are selling the machine because they no longer have the contract(s) with the home builders. Big questions, to summarize: 1) Would the lack of regular tuneups/maintenance and not knowing what parts have been replaced/cared for over the years be sufficient to indicate that I should wait for another machine that has been better cared for (respected!!)?? 2) Are there other things that I can check besides the bushings to ensure I'm not getting a problem machine? 3) Are there any APQS certified technicians anywhere near Ottawa that I could have a good tuneup done on the machine? How much might this cost? 4) If the timing is off, is it ALWAYS possible to re-time it, or are there reasons that it would be a throw away machine? 5) I would really like to be able to use rulers, templates, etc. Would the Hartley extended base fit this older machine? How do I know if there is a thread cutter on the machine? I didn't see anything obvious, but would have to check again. 6) I would like to do something to have 'needle down' position available, and single stitch (for bringing up bobbin thread), without having to manually turn the flywheel. How might I accomplish this and what might it cost? I'm not really looking for SR. I went to a demo day on a Bernina machine and actually found I stitched better without it! Might (Will?) take practice, but I would prefer to learn to stitch free motion without it. I am expecting to use the machine for personal projects, as well as charity quilts (I volunteer for a couple of organizations that make quilts) Sorry for the long post, just hoping to be able to make a good decision. I don't want to get a machine that will end up costing me more in repairs than necessary, but also don't want to pass on what could be a good deal. All of your wonderful comments regarding APQS customer service has me pretty much sold on looking for one of their machines, whether it is this one or another one available in the future. Sherry