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  1. Thank you for all of your comments. I think I am going to have to at least do some extra pinning / basting in order to center this cute little quilt over a pieced backing, otherwise I might end up with the back looking very unbalanced. As for doing SID, I think I should do around the borders, as I might try something 'custom' in them with an all-over pantograph just on the inner panel part. I am so new to all of this and I'm not sure I'm ready for too much custom work. Maybe I'm biting off too much this time with the pieced back. Nervous and excited at the same time, LOL! Thanks again.
  2. Hello! Complete newbie here, although I've owned my Lenni for a year now. I've just had the BEST week ever, finally loading on 2 charity quilts, and then 2 of the 3 baby quilts I had waiting. I used 2 different pantographs to stitch them and I'm quite happy with the results. The 3rd baby quilt is for my own dear granddaughter, so I'd like to make the effort to have it look as nice as possible, but still only using a pantograph. The quilt is a large panel in the center with 4 borders around it of various sizes. The 3rd border is made up of 4" finished blocks. I've read that SID helps
  3. Hello Everyone! I have had my Lenni since August 2015, but due to a number of issues, was not really able to do much but set up my machine, and test to see if it worked. Then it sat... sadly, for almost a year. Recently, I was able to attend a beginner class (I'd already had a 'renter's class', but that was over a year ago) with the lady who sold me my Lenni (thanks Tracey Russel of Whirls 'n Swirls Quilting in Oshawa, ON Canada). I had been so afraid to do something detrimental to my machine that I wasn't confident to try... Tracey's class gave me the confidence to give myself permission
  4. Hello there! Yesterday I received my 7 box shipment containing my new Lenni with a Bliss Table!! I have a bit of a concern with what we ended up putting together and thought I should ask before I do too much and risk damaging either my new baby or me! We used the instructions from the USB stick that came in the shipment to do the assembly, so assume it is the most up-to-date? I think the Lenni has been somewhat redesigned a bit, because the encoder box/wires do not look quite the same as in the diagrams from the manual. The cable looks quite a bit different. Hubby says it is an RJ-
  5. With my most dear hubby doing most of the assembly work, my Lenni is now set up but so far I've only had the courage to plug it in and turn it on to see if it actually powers up! I think the USB stick with the assembly instructions/manual may be a bit out of date because some of the parts don't match entirely. I'm going to hunt around on the forums to see if there is a more suitable spot for this question, but thought I would post here as well. I think the Lenni has been somewhat redesigned a bit, because the encoder box/wires do not look quite the same. The cable looks quite a bit diff
  6. Bad hair day, braces showing in my smile and wearing old yoga pants...so not a great picture of me, but look what came to my house today. YESSSSSSSSS! Now to start carefully opening boxes and taking inventory. Busy weekend ahead, LOL! Sherry
  7. Thanks for all of your kind words! We are away from home on vacation now, and I actually am wishing I was home to receive my machine sooner, LOL! And, yes, Gail, I will have you over once I'm set up so you can check out the Bliss table. So excited and really looking forward to running through a couple of the baby quilts as starter projects. SIncerely, Sherry
  8. Hi Everyone! Not sure if this is where I should be posting (LMK if I should post elsewhere). After looking at a VERY old Ultimate machine and asking advice here, turning down the purchase of said Ultimate, looking around a bit, meeting a wonderful lady(through this forum) in my area who invited me to her home to see/play with her Millie, and taking a 'Renter's Prep class' at a shop near me (We R Quilts, Prescott, ON), I ended up going to a Quilt show in Kingston, Ontario and test drove a Lenni. I loved the Lenni. Not quite as big as Millie, but I don't need that extra throat space. There
  9. Nigel, thank you for the link to the Yahoo group. I've joined the group and later today I hope to have some time to read messages and see what might be available in the way of used machines, etc. Gail, you are a sweetheart for inviting me to test drive your machine. I'll send you a private message.
  10. Gail, thank you for your kind offer to test drive your Millie. It is good to know that there are APQS machine owners nearby that I could call upon for help. I think I will visit the shop in Prescott ( We R Quilts) and see what they have. Since I live outside of Ottawa, it is probably only half or three quarters of an hour drive...shorter than the trip to Orleans to shop at Quilty Pleasures! Sherry
  11. Hello again! I pretty much got no extra info from the owner, so I called APQS to see what they had to say. I spoke with Mark, and with the information I gave he determined that the machine would have been built between 1984 and 1989 because the table design changed in 1990. He also said that APQS would not be able to take it on a trade because they don't use that type of table for any other machines, so if I decided I didn't like it, I might have difficulty re-selling it. As well, he said it would be worth about $1000-1500 USD, which is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 what is being asked. With t
  12. Do you all know how wonderful you are? Thank you for all of your words of wisdom. I'm going to call and ask a few more questions of the owner (hopefully get a serial number, and maybe the repairman's name and number to see if any of the bushings, etc have been replaced) Looking at parts in the online store, it appeared that the needle bar and bushings have to be replaced at the same time? Or am I misunderstanding something. The bushings are cheap, but adding the needle bar is quite a bit more, LOL! The price being asked is $3700 Canadian, which is the machine with a 14 foot wooden
  13. Hello Everyone! and thank you in advance for your help. I've come across an Ultimate 1 with a 14' table with what sounds like a good price, but I'm not sure what to be checking, what features it does or does not necessarily have, and what I can add/upgrade (and at what cost!) if I need more functionality than what it comes with as is. I do know that it does not have a 'needle down' position (is that the same as a stitch positioner?), is not stitch regulated, does not have a laser light (but does have a stylus/pointer which they've been using for pantograph quilting). The current owners
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