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  1. congratulations, Brenda! you won't regret it. its a beautiful machine. jackie
  2. beautiful! LOVE your quilting!! Marked, or freehand?
  3. Bumping this to the top. i went to see the machine-its WONDERFUL. Loved meeting Liz & her husband, and playing with her Millie. am still hoping to work the finances, depends on the bank, but if I cant afford it, someone else should get this deal! she has everything with it, and its well cared for. Thanks, Liz-will let you know when i hear from the bank, but in the meantime, good luck to you! jackie
  4. APQS has almost brand new demo machines right now for $16-17,000, not that much more than you are asking. I'm not being critical, but people may look at that and just go for the newer one. you aren't too far from me, i live by meadville. If i had the money, i would be interested! I have an Ultimate II with no stitch regulator or needle up/down and i would love to be able to afford upgrading. good luck! jackie
  5. Lyn--thanks for the clarification. sometimes i overthink things and get totally confused. jackie
  6. i have 3 bobbin cases, one of which does not have that metal spring in it. i dont think i have magnaglide, but when the tech responded to another issue i had, she said "i see you have magnaglide..." not sure how she knew that as i am second owner and not registered with them...i dont know what magna glide is! how would i know if i had it? anyway, just to clarify: the bobbin should spin clockwise when the thread is pulled, that is when i am looking at the bobbin in the case, and not when the case is inserted into the machine? currently, i always wind my bobbin with the holes on the right, and then insert them into the bobbin case so the smooth side is up. maybe that is backwards. i watched the bobbin maintenance video and they show the prewound cardboard bobbins, so that doesnt tell me. thanks!!!
  7. the bobbin thread has been giving me trouble more often than not...i have the tension balanced per Amy's suggestions; bobbin loose so all adjusting is done on top and when it works, the tension is actually quite good. the only problem now, however, is that my bobbin thread keeps getting wrapped around the bobbin latch. other times, it gets caught between the bobbin case and the bobbin race. This happens with all sorts of thread; glide, sew fine, cotton/poly... we retimed the machine a few months ago, could i have left a tad too much space by the bobbin finger thing? thanks.. jackie
  8. i too have a LOT of problems with glide shredding...but its such a pretty thread!!! last night, i was quilting away doing a spine for feathers...finish the row to find that the top thread had repeatedly shredded but kept on stitching so there were 1" gaps in stitching every 6-8"! i also have more trouble with the bobbin recoiling-not a few strands, but an entire wad of the wraps coming loose together, if you know what i mean-as if an entire layer 1/8" deep of bobbin wraps shifted loose. i think the thread IS catching down in the bobbin area. I retest the tension off to the side every row. I also try to keep the tension a tad tighter, and i notice that if i put more pressure on the quilting foot it helps. ( i have the ult II with the glide foot, and with cotton or cotton/poly thread i raise the foot a touch more than normal and it sews better.) last night i put the foot tighter to the quilt and it did stop catching. jackie
  9. Sharon-its an awesome one, very versatile, and really fills the space, from urban elementz...Harvest Winds. https://www.urbanelementz.com/shop/search/?csrfmiddlewaretoken=F2RW7a49EaGfzh16LKbWLOlEiP8KHc8g&keywords=harvest+winds?csrfmiddlewaretoken=F2RW7a49EaGfzh16LKbWLOlEiP8KHc8g&keywords=harvest+winds
  10. i did a deer panel similar to this coloring. i used an all-over oak leaf in a grey thread that blended in both the dark and the light areas, and really did not disrupt the piece in any way but would appear and disappear at random. turned out really good, was easy enough, and the client loved it.
  11. can you take it apart a bit and make it 2 smaller quilts; quilt each half and then sew them back together? i've done that on purpose with full size quilts before i got my longarm...when the 2 parts are quilted (leaving a seam allowance free), i sew them together thru the tops and then whip stitch the back together-kind of like a quilt-as-you-go method. jackie western PA
  12. i tightened up my table, re-leveled it, and even put a thin washer on the two right carriage wheels. it rides a bit tighter now, a little too much perhaps, but actually better than before. i'm debating getting the edgerider wheels vrs seeing about getting a business loan and upgrading the entire machine to one with the computer and Everything. Maybe i should do both; if i do upgrade, i can try to sell the Ult II outright...IF there's a market, and the wheels would be a feature. people who are buying/selling Ult II's-are they as old as mine is??? its a mid-'90's. I'm not sure i want to go into debt that deep at this stage of the game but i really want to go all out & quilt for a living.
  13. geometry and math...yep. and when my kids were older and i would forget how to figure the diagonal of a square or whatever, they were thrilled to be able to teach me! i always grumbled during math class in jr hi why did i have to learn this stuff, i'll never use it...lol-i use it more than i do my home ec cooking class!
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