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  1. Hi, I am interested in these rulers. I tried to send you a PM, but it said I couldn't. Please tell me how to get in touch with you. Thanks, Debbi
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I did check my canvas and it was rolled a little crooked - not much - so I did re-roll it. My bars are equal distance so that's not a problem. I've got another quilt ready to go so I will see if that made any difference. I haven't seen a difference between the quilts when I've pinned or when I've floated - but I haven't quilted a lot of quilts. I love this idea, I've tried the painter's tape, and my husband gave me some conduit clamps, but I haven't been real happy with either option. The velcro strips seem like a great option. Thanks for the comment Libby, I keep telling myself that I'm too critical of my work. I have to say that I really admire the work that professional long arm quilters do. I think it would be extremely frustrating to deal with other quilter's quilts that might not be square or other problems you encounter. At least with my own quilts I know what I'm dealing with. Right now I'm a hobby quilter and don't know that I'll ever take the plunge into quilting for others! Debbi
  3. Hi, I posted last year when I was trying to decide which machine to buy - I was looking at the Lenni. Well, I went from looking at the Lenni to purchasing a Millie because I figured I was only going to make the investment once and I didn't want to be sorry later! So I stretched the budget and got a demo Millie. Since then, I check the forum regularly and have learned so much from the posts. I usually can find my answer without asking but now it's time to ask......... I've just started really using Millie and I swore I'd never do pantos, but I took the plunge and I've done about 5 quilts now. My first question relates to pantos. I mark the top and sides of the quilt on the panto cover when I first start and all is fine, but by the time I get to the end of the quilt, my sides are sometimes 1/2" different - when I think I'm still on the edge of the quilt, I'm actually way off to the side (the left side - standing at the back of the machine - is the worst.) The last one I did I was 3/4 inch off on the left side. The quilt is straight and I'm being real careful when I advance the quilt making sure my sides are even. Maybe it's related to this question - I just loaded another quilt and I noticed that when I pinned the backing, the left side - standing at the front of the machine - of the backing (and canvas) hangs down lower than the right side. Everything looks straight when I roll the backing, and the sides are straight, but the canvas hangs a little. Is my canvas on crooked? I haven't really used the machine so much that the canvas should be stretched (although it was a demo.) Last question, partial floating vs. full floating? I've read lots of posts and I know there are different opinions, but I keep going back and forth between the two methods and I am just wondering if there is any real advantage of one over the other. Thanks for any help! Debbi
  4. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the input. I have decided that I probably would be sorry I didn't go ahead and get the Lucey for the extra space. I'm just trying to work the finances out now, but I'm excited that I've made the decision. I am going to get the bliss system as well since I'm taking the plunge. I know I can upgrade later, but I might as well just do it all at once! Thanks for all the comments and I'm sure you will hear from me again - once I get my machine. Debbi
  5. Thanks for the great information. You answered a lot of my questions. I'm still struggling between the Lenni and Lucey and if I can work the finances out I've pretty well convinced myself that I'd better go with the Lucey or I will regret not having the extra space. Right now I have a TinLizzie 18 and I can only quilt about 15 inches max before I have to advance the quilt. I know I'd have a little more space with the Lenni, but I'm thinking I'd rather have more space.... But the Lenni price sure is making the decision hard! I am going to go with the 12' table either way.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I have read the comparisons, but I'm looking more for some of the limitations of the Lenni vs. the Lucey. I know the biggest advantage is the extra throat space since there are not a lot of other differences, but my question is it worth it to pay the extra money for the extra space? I would like to try ruler work in the future, has anyone had experience using rulers with the Lenni? Thanks, Debbi
  7. Hi, I'm thinking about purchasing the Lenni since it is at a great price right now. I'm trying to decide if I need to upgrade to the Bliss track system when I make the purchase. The sales rep didn't think it would be necessary with the Lenni since it is a lighter weight machine, but the cost of adding it later would be out of my budget and if I get it with the machine now it is a lot less. I just can't find a lot of information on the Lenni and the Bliss system. I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Also, while I'm at it, I am still struggling a bit over the Lenni vs. the Lucey, but right now the price difference is a big issue. What are the advantages of going with the Lucey and is it really worth the price difference. I am not planning on using the machine for business. Thanks, Debbi
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