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  1. Got it. Dawn asked me about the clamps. One of the screws that held a clamp had come loose and it was shifting as I sewed. Tightened the screw and it seems to be working fine. Thanks Dawn.
  2. I have calibrated the machine. It was working fine on two previous quilts.
  3. Today my quilt path did something very strange. I made a design in pantograph design. Everything went fine for the first row. But then when the second row started, the pattern started moving up hill. With each design it would move up a full inch and within three designs it would have overe lapped the previous row. The first design of the row goes fine, and then it just starts moving upward. I have tried everything I know. Shut down everything and started over. Now I feel like the rip out queen and I am very happy this is one of my own quilts and not a customer. What is happening! Help