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  1. I never had to do that with the standard frame but I'll try it ....I was wondering if I should look at adding additional support under the frame...I have 14 ' frame....
  2. I purchased Bliss and Millie moves so much better but the bliss frame isn't as solid as the older frame...I can no longer use the pattern board and stylus because the stylus jumps out of the groves on the pattern boards.....any one have this problem? How did you fix it?
  3. I was floating my tops but have recently switched to attaching the top to the roller and find it works out much more square and my hands aren't pulling on the sides of the quilt top. Takes 10 minutes longer to load quilt but don't have to do anything during the quilting process...
  4. Hi do you still have this for sale and would I have to buy additional parts for a blisses 14 ft frame?
  5. Great I will get a shipping price tomorrow and get back to you.... thanks Kathy
  6. I am using it on a Millie but I believe it will work on any machine that you can attach the stylus arm to either on the front or the back. I used it on the front.
  7. Hi I have the following boards...Aztec,Featherz, Featherz border, feathers mini, Ginko, curved crosshatch, circle thingy, spiro thingy and Celtic knot. The basic circle lord system and up front stylus.....never used it from the back always the front...am asking 400.00 for the set up plus shipping....
  8. Sold...ready to be shipped to new owner.I have a circle lord setup for use on the front of the quilting machine for sale....numerous pattern boards are included along with front stylus.. I seem to do more FM and ruler work...
  9. How do you find the Butler system works....easy, accurate..?
  10. I am interested in the modern square boards ...how many do you have ?
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