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  1. What thickness of batting are you using? I was reluctant to adjust the hopping foot at first. With a thicker batting you will feel more drag if you don't raise your hopping foot. Also, your hopping foot needs to be level. My Lenni likes my hoping foot to be 2 business cards high for cotton batting. Occasionally I have customers that have not pressed their seems well so my hopping foot hits them. I have had to level the hopping foot several times after hitting those seams.
  2. Go to quilted joy.com. She has an excellent video on how to add backing. I just had this same thing happen. You put right sides together prior to I unpinning your backing and sew with longarm. It worked beautifully and you can't hardly tell where I added the backing.
  3. I am still having problems with loops and double stitching on the bottom with thread breaking. I am beyond frustrated. I think I have it down to a big loop and then the thread snaps.. I am 1/3 of the way through a row. Half way into that 1/3 I hurt a little pop. I stopped and didn't see anything so I continued. Then I heard another pop and I stopped and the thread had broken. When I checked underneath I noticed a long thread at the first pop location. The thread had broken beneath the needle plate. It left about a three inche tail, but since it broke below the thread was still in the needle a
  4. Update. I used wd40 2 more times, rethread it seems like a million times, readjusted 3 hole guides, found a cup that thread spool fit in snugly so thread could not flop off and get caught, readjusted the finger for the bobbin case, readjusted the needle bar and raised the hopping foot to 2 business cards. Success for 4 rows last night. Quit for the night and started again this morning only to break 6 times in about 12 inches. Both ends it breaks but in the middle works. Fiddled with both side tensions of quilt. Finally made it through with less breaks. I think I should have raised the hopping
  5. I have done all the things you mentioned except for the spool of thread. Unfortunately that is the only spool I have of that color. I will start over tomorrow.
  6. I quilted a t-shirt quilt yesterday with glide thread. This quilt has one of those fuzzy blankets for backing. Kind of like minke but heavier. I had a few problems to start but was able to work out the tension and only had a couple of thread breaks after that. This morning I loaded the second t-shirt quilt which is basically identical to the first with different color blanket back. I did a thorough cleaning on the machine before I started. Changed thread color and tested it on a like thickness quilt sandwich. All looked good. Loaded the quilt and went about three inches, stitching looked terri
  7. I have had my Lenni for about a year. I have the bliss system. It bounces and vibrates like crazy. It is set up on tile over concrete floor with pieces of carpet under each wheel. I talked to the people at the APQS booth at the Paducah quilt show and they suggested I put foam under the wheels. That seemed to make it worse. The machine is level and I clean the tracks at least every quilt and sometimes more if it is a big quilt. Any other suggestions? The machine is also very loud. It has oil and I clean and oil the bobbin case every bobbin. I only use this machine 6 months out of the year as I
  8. I am having this same problem. How did you fix it.
  9. I am curious, what is your favorite thread to use with an M bobbin and what thread do you have the least problems with?
  10. I got my Lenni a month or so ago. Had the same question so I called APQS and found out there is no grounding wire due to a redesign. There were a few other inaccuracies in the jump drive manual as they have not had a chance to update it.
  11. I just completed a 2 day beginner class taught by Angela Huffman from Quilted Joy. She is a fantastic fun teacher. She and her staff are so friendly and helpful. I never thought I would be able to do free motion/custom quilting, but after taking this class, I have a new outlook. Of course it is going to take that p word we all hate, practice, practice, practice. LOL I feel confident with the foundation she started us on that I will be able to build on this. I just wanted to post this to thank her for all her dedication, patience, and help she gave us newbies. If you ever have the opportunity
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