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  1. Jeri, I'm not Ema, but I would like to view your photos too. I clicked on your link and was sent to a page that said your page didn't exist anymore.??????
  2. If I were sending a quilt to a professional quilter and paying for the quilting, I would want it to be in a pet-free, smoke-free studio. We can make excuses for our pets, saying they are members of the family, but that doesn't mean anything to someone who has spent lots of time and money making and paying for a quilt to be quilted. When we made over our basement for my machine, I banned my St. Bernard from the basement, where my den/sewing room/ studio is, even though he was accustomed to coming in with me for an hour or so several times a week. Now, having said that, at the present I do have a kitten in my basement "studio". We are keeping my adult daughter's cat on a temporary basis. Even though she is a cutie, I do hope she is gone in a month or less. I do not take customer quilts yet, but plan to start this summer or before. On my brochure, I was going to emphasize that their quilts would be done in a smoke-free, pet-free environment. JMOP
  3. Jane, try wrapping a wet washcloth around the cone of thread and letting it sit for 20 minutes. Then try it again. Or, if you have time, sprinkle it with water, put it in a plastic baggie, and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours or overnight. Take it out about 20 minutes before you are going to use it. That might help with the breakage. Sue from Maine APQS Liberty
  4. Judy, I would LOVE to have a copy of your schedule. I would like to "hang up my shingle" this summer and am always glad of advice and information from those that are doing already.
  5. I also do block patterns from the front with the laser. I pin the pattern on one block over next to the block I am working in, follow the pattern with the laser light. Then I unpin it and move it to the next block. There is a great posting on about how to do this. Sue from Maine APQS Liberty
  6. Jo Ann, Please tell me how you advance the Liberty without having starts or stops? I, too, have a Liberty and would like to know.
  7. What is a channel lock? Does the Liberty have one? (Can you tell I still learning?)
  8. Marion, I say, "Go for it." I am 59 and just recently got my longarm. I want to make quilting a retirement business as well as quilting tops for gifts (and to keep a few. ) If you do a lot of quilt tops you might actually save;) money by quilting them yourself. Send an e-mail to APQS or call them to see if they would just sell you a head. Good luck.
  9. My longarm area is in the basement and so is our freezer. So, I could just claim a portion of our freezer for my cotton thread. Right?
  10. Heidi, I am a real newbie, but here is some advice I was given about pantos which worked for me. I was told to turn off the stitch regulator and to go fast. I don't use the regulator any more doing pantos and they look much smoother. Also, if you don't use the regulator, you can't hesitate in one place,like you do with the regulator on, or the bobbin thread will break. I have to learn pantos because that will be what most of my future customers will ask for in this area. Good luck (to both of us!).
  11. Update. I sprinkled my cone of thread with water, placed it in a baggie and put it in the freezer overnight. Today I took it out. I made a practice sandwich strip and put it on my machine. Same batting. It is a very cheap batting, since this is for practice, but since I had used it before was pretty sure it was not the batting. Didn't really think it was the top. I didn't change the bottom tension because it was fine before and when I did the little "let it drop" trick, it was ok. When I put the cone back on the machine to tie the threads together, I noticed the thread had come out of the first guide (it was in during the breakage) so I started to thread it back through and noticed that the screw right next to that guide was loose:cool:. I got a screwdriver and tightened it up, then threaded the machine with the thread from the freezer. I tightened up the top tension (which was way loose) and buzzed around on the practice piece. NO breakage:P:P:P:P Took off the practice piece and started again on the quilt. NO breakage.:P:D:P:P:P:D: I finished that quilt top, did more today in an hour than all this week. I don't know if the loose screw was part of the problem or not, but the thread sure ran smoother after the water/freezer treatment. I now have that thread in a zipped bag and will give the same treatment to any others of my cotton thread that I use in the future. (I bought several others at the same time.) Does anyone know if the cotton wrapped polester needs this treatment? Thank you all so much for the advice and big hugs to all of you.
  12. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I haven't had a chance to get back to my machine--maybe tonight--but there is a faculty meeting after school so I will get home late--maybe not. Anyway, as soon as I do, I will post back to let you know what worked and what didn't. This is brand new thread, but I will try the small muslin sampler, water/baggie trick, bottom tension. I think I will put the other thread back on with the muslin sampler also and see it it makes a difference. Bonnie (my Liberty) and I will get this worked out!
  13. I loosened the top tension way up and sailed down the whole row. I was so relieved. Looked under and saw loopies beginning so I tightened it a half turn. Spent the next hour and a half threading the needle and starting, breaking, etc. getting NOwhere. I loosened the top tension again, and again, so that the knob bumps out from the little spring. No go. When I tug on the thread, it seems to pull smoothly, then tighten up and break. It broke a couple of times with me gently tugging it through the needle when it tightened up. I'm giving up for the night. I have to get up at 5:30am each morning.:( I can try the bobbin tension tomorrow, but if it breaks with me tugging on it on top, I don't see how the bobbin can be the problem. Why does this say I posted at 1:45am???? It is 8:47 pm where I am.
  14. The material hasn't been washed. Could that have anything to do with the thread breaking? I will try loosening the tension even more tonight and try again.
  15. I am so frustrated I could just scream. I have been trying to do a practice quilt and my top thread keeps breaking about every few inches. Here are all the details I can think of: I have a Liberty. I was using the needle that came inserted from the factory and the green and peach thread cones that came with my machine to do practice muslins and one old e-bay top. I changed the needle and thread for this quilt and now I am using Signature machine quilting 100% cotton thread, Mother Goose color. I have tried adjusting the needle and the upper tension. The thread seems to be coming through the tension guide very tightly. I tried fiddling with the needle, thinking I might not have inserted it correctly. I then sewed several repeats of the pattern before it broke again (as opposed to breaking every few inches.) I tried adjusting the upper tension and loosening it. It seems to help briefly. I did several passes last night, but not a one without the thread breaking at least once or twice. Today I did a couple of passes. The thread broke at least five times. Now I am down to working only a few inches before it breaks. This is not fun! What can I do so I can start enjoying my machine again?