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  1. I have a customer asking for a design for a Quilt of Valor she has made. She said it was like a spiral that looks like fireworks. She saw something on a Fons and Porter show. Can someone help me? I can not picture it.
  2. Thanks everyone, but how would I be able to sell mine and get out of it enough to get into a new machine? I have to tell you that I have never had a conversation with a dealer or company rep. on a sewing\ quilting machine. That lead them trying to relate my problem with a car problem they once had. I wish I would of spoke up to him then.
  3. I am looking for advice in longarm machines. I have one that I have had a lot of issues with. It has been replaced once already. Both have been worked on with parts replaced several times. Which has all been within the warranty time. The handle bars were replaced 3 times due to the lights kept going out. With the new set the light stays on but the buttons won't work. My dealer contacted the Company and they want the machine sent into them. Which I am ok with that until he says that he thinks they are going to cover checking it out and either replace or repair the machine, he thinks! We just might be out the freight. What! I should not out the freight. He promised me if I would trade my first one in for this one with a little upgrade price on the the frame, then the Compter. He would make sure that it was fixed, and I would be happy with it. Another reason I am upset over it is that the dealer made the comment that I still had a little time left on my warranty. Should it not start over when I received the new machine. This is why I am checking to see what everyone thinks I should do. Would I have a leg to stand on to just ask for the Company just to give me my money back? What would you do? Which machine would you go with if you had an option? It is not an APQS.
  4. Do you still have any pantos left? I will take all the good ones left. Cstucke80
  5. I am at a loss as to how to quilt a string pieced Kaleidoscope quilt. Can someone please shoot me some ideas!
  6. The tooth brush did the trick. I guess to much water created another oops. The red on the other died bleed through . I had to worked to get it out. This is going to be one time they wished they had washed before piecing. Would you tell her that she should use care in washing it the first time. I think if it was me I would like yo be told , but then I tell on myself that I made an oops with her quilt .
  7. I am not able to post a picture right now . From what I remember from it they looked string pieced to make up the designs. It is like a scrap type quilt.
  8. Sorry I did not see your message . I messaged through the board as soon as I saw your request. I am glad you were able to sell them. Keep me in mind next time.
  9. Can anyone help? What would you do with a a scrap kaleidoscope quilt pattern? She said do anything , maybe circular.
  10. Could you suggest a quilting design on a Kaleidoscope designed quilt. What would you suggest for it ?
  11. How do you remove the stitch holes when you have had to rip out and redo your quilting.
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