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  1. Pamela, if you haven't already, check out Angela Clark's blog at Thread Waggle Quilting. You can find it on the APQS owner blogroll under the APQS resources tab. Check back in her post history. I think she started Tech Sunday posts in early 2014, and they are all about Quilt Path. I poured over those and found them really helpful. Like some others have stated, I also checked out the You Tube videos about Quilt Path. I've had my Freddie with Quilt Path for about a year now, and I Quilt Path everything! If I have to hand guide the machine, it's a rarity. I've even started drafting my own designs. At first I used the delivered designs or purchased from one of the many online digital quilting websites. Have fun with your machine, and with Quilt Path. Expertise will come in time.
  2. Thanks ladies, I appreciate the feedback. I was uncomfortable with attaching my label. Now that you explained about the quilts not being mine to alter, I have more reason not to do that. I'll continue with the practice of including some business cards with each quilt returned. Besides, I already have those, so no extra cost to produce them. Thanks again.
  3. For those of you who quilt professionally, do you put a label on your customer quilts? I recently started a business, and my husband has suggested I should get labels and put them on the customer quilts I do. I’m not sure if that’s appropriate. What are your thoughts?