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  1. Do you still have the 2 pantographs for sale?
  2. Good to know you did it. So it was easy to do, great! Thanks for letting me know
  3. Jim, no I haven't yet but I plan to. Off to the international quilt festival tomorrow, I'm lucky, I live north of Houston. Thanks Lynda
  4. I am using a size 4 needle, this was my first quilt which was not thick at all. i had a practice sandwich on first and had no problem with it. I will load the next quilt and see what happens. Thanks so much for everyone's help. Lynda
  5. I have a new Lucey, I have had it a couple of months. It just started this problem, when I push the one stitch button and the needle goes down into the fabric it freezes. It won't go down all the way and stop, the machine is still running trying to complete the stitch. Its like it is straining to make it down into the material. Then after a few seconds it will complete. Does anyone know what is going on?
  6. Everyone's advise is great, thanks to everyone for taking the time to give your thoughts.
  7. Valerie, It's a hard decision,with the Lucey on sale right now I can't decide if I really need the extra throat space being a beginner. I am going to a road show tomorrow and will have to make a decision. Thanks
  8. Thanks Charmaine, your advice has been very helpful.
  9. Should a beginner start out with a Lennie or a Lucey? I am not planning on going into business and unsure of what I would really need. I know the auto quilt advance would be nice but how much time does it save? I would really appreciate any input or opinions. Thanks
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