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  1. You are right SueD! She has them on backorder and I am anxiously waiting. Thank you! Nancy
  2. FYI -- This person posted this machine as SOLD in a different post.
  3. I should have just read the forum! Found one! N
  4. I am interested! I'll email you. thanks, Nancy
  5. Warm and Natural is all cotton. I use it more in "summer" quilts or in wall hangings. If you want warmth, look into poly / cotton blends, or all poly if you like. They hold more warmth. Nancy
  6. Thanks, but she sells the one for newer machines. I need the one with a longer shank and 2 holes for screws.
  7. Does anyone know where I can purchase a scoop foot for my 2015 Lenni? The only ones I can find are for newer machines. thanks!
  8. Thanks for the info! I'm getting the account set up today.
  9. I want to buy some Fil-Tec 100 wt Allure thread and their nylon Essence thread. I'm having trouble finding where to buy it (online of course). thanks!
  10. Hello all! I really would like a ruler foot for my 2015 Lenni. Wondering if anyone has one they would like to sell? Just thought I would ask before taking the plunge with a new one. Thanks!
  11. I am interested in the ruler foot for $99. Is it still available?? Also, how do I know if I have the split hopping foot? I have a 2016 Lenni Nancy
  12. Vicki, I guess I have been living under a rock and did not know this magazine existed! Is it dedicated to longarm, sit down, or both?
  13. Patty, I took this course and I think it was worth it. It was a bit pricey at $500 but I learned from this class what it would have taken me years to learn on my own. It covers a wide range of topics. I had to produce work that I needed to send to Dawn for critique. It was not an easy course and it was a challenge while working full time. good luck! Nancy
  14. I had the great pleasure to take a class from Nancy at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in 2016, and was able to meet her as well. She was just so nice and so "regular" if you know what I mean. Connie, I thought of her as a friend too. It's like those of us who have a passion for quilting and sewing have a kinship. I have been sad all week. Prayers for her family and thanksgiving to God for the gifts that she shared with us.
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