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    nancys13 got a reaction from MaryQuiltsTx in Machine sewing binding   
    A friend from my guild taught me this technique and I love it!   I call it Machine Binding with an Accent Fabric
    Cut the accent fabric (which will become the inside "flange") in 1 1/2" strips
    Cut the primary fabric in 1 1/4" strips
    Sew these together on the long edge.  Press.  Fold.  Then press again.
    Sew to the the back of the quilt.  Fold the binding over and then stitch in the ditch on the front of the quilt.
    Sorry, these are not the best pictures.... in the pic with the blue fabric, the strip on the left is when I sewed the two pieces together on the long end, and on the right is when it is folded and ready to sew onto the quilt.  The other picture is the same technique but on a different quilt.

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    nancys13 reacted to MaryQuiltsTx in A few forum questions   
    Yes Nancy I think so.  I never hesitate to ask a question, not bashful about it at all. 
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    nancys13 reacted to RosemaryJ08 in Totally finished with label   
    Thanks everyone for the nice comments,
    Cagey, I posted the quilt under topic "My Accomplished Quilting" on here, you can see the top there without the binding on yet.
    Betsy, yes the label is Embroidery, what I did was select the biggest "built in" heart shape that fits my Babylocks biggest hoop, this one is 7inches at the widest point and 6 inches tall.
    I also selected a font that is already in my machine.  I don't want to sound like I am tooting my own horn, but this label that I turned into a John Deere tractor with a round bale of hay in the wagon, to go on a John Deere quilt for a little boy, just turned out to be my FAVORITE 

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    nancys13 reacted to RosemaryJ08 in Totally finished with label   
    Happy Mother's Day to ALL the Wonderful Mom's out there!
    Here is the Quilt totally finished with the label. "Hand sewn on "
    For all of you out there that are shaking your head at the machine sewn on binding.. I'm sorry, I just can't hand sew. My hands go numb on me
    Happy Quilting,

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    nancys13 reacted to MaryQuiltsTx in A few forum questions   
    I have a few questions that I can't seem to find the answers for....not saying they aren't there jumping up and down waving at me....just saying that as I plod along watching where I put my feet, I can't see them. 
    What is the "reputation" that I keep seeing references to? How do you give reputation? What types of things warrent reputation? Will I get a reputation for asking so many questions about reputation? 
    Also I see some folks have a fancy signature and a list of their machine, blog, shop, etc. Some have cute quotes. How do you add that to your posts. I looked everywhere, I think, in my profile and did not see where to do that.
    Is there a certain place that questions like these should be asked? Appreciate any help in learning about this forum so as not to be so awkward stumbling around.  Thanks 
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