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    I use Dawn dishwashing liquid (original blue) to get oil and grease out of any fabric.
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    I went to the International Quilt Show (Quilts Inc) in Rosemont Illinois this year.  I hadn't been in years.  I was so very happy with the show this year, though.  It's always got a good variety of traditional quilts, and art quilts--hand quilting to long arm quilting.  And there were plenty of vendors (though no APQS this year).  This year the main display was filled with art quilts of every description.  Loved it!!!  And the SAQA folks had a tremendous show as part of this too.  All in all, I was impressed.  I took one class, the cost of which included my admission for the day.  One day was enough, but only because I was so inspired I wanted to get home and create! 
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    Before I even ordered my Millie, I bought a set of Red Snappers.  They are still sitting in the bag, leaning up against the corner of the room.  I need to hire someone to "install" them for me, and maybe I'd use them.  I don't mind pinning, but then I've only been doing this for six months.  I might get sick of pins eventually. 
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