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  1. 2010 Gammill 26-10 with a 26 inch throat space, 20 inch quilting area. 2015 tablet upgrade to a Vision 2.0 Retrofit for hand guided quilting. Features 4 stitching modes with touch screen control to adjust the speed and stitch length. Stitch Regulate: Control stitch length. Coast Regulate: Control stitch length during faster movement, however during fine detailed work the machine automatically switches to constant speed to let you complete micro work with smaller stitches without stopping to change settings. Constant:Control stitch length on your own. The machine stitches a steady speed that you set so your movement of the head controls your stitch length. Baste: Take long stitches to temporarily hold the layers of the quilt together for stabilizing. See Gammill's website On a 9 foot table to accommodate a queen size quilt. Leaders are 93inches Overhead light bar also LED light fixture with blacklight on machine. Includes: 30+ pantographs Leader grip system so no pinning and easy loading & unloading Multiple acrylic tools & rulers Gammill workstation with circles & ovals On board bobbin winder & separate bobbin winder 2 additional feet one open & one for stippling DVD's, bobbins, oil, stencils, batting scissors I work full time and have back and knee issues. As much as I love this machine, it is time for it to go to a home with someone who will use it more than I do. Excellent condition and lightly used. Purchaser responsible for the take down, pickup, transportation and setup and all related costs Located in Selkirk, NY outside of Albany,NY