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    belmel got a reaction from wonzey in SOLD! 2009 APQS Millennium 12 ft Bliss Loaded Millie   
    SOLD.  SORRY. I have a chance to upgrade to a machine with a computer system, which I want to do, but I need to sell my current Millie first.  2009 APQS Millennium on a 12' BLISS table. Quilt regulation. Channel Locks. Automatic Fabric Advance. Hydraulic LIFT. Overhead light bar system. Thread Cutter. Laser Stylus. Turbo Bobbin Winder. It is everything you could want except a computer guided system!  Used for less than 50 lap type size quilts and a few queen/king quilts. NOT used in a store as a demo or rental or daily constant professional use.  Just completely checked over.  He says she is good to go head to toe.  You will get thousands of hours of happy quilting for half the price of a new millie that has all these options like the extra $1000 for fabric advance, extra $1000 for Bliss and extra $1000 for hydraulic lift.  PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT JUST IN TIME. IN MISSOURI BUT I COULD DELIVER OR MEET YOU.  if you can't disassemble, pick up and take with you, we can work something out with someone I know.  He delivers and sets up these things all over the country and is really helpful.  You can email me at for faster response.  $12,299 OBO.  Thanks - Melody

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    belmel got a reaction from lizh27 in 2013 Millenium for sale   
    Is it the new model from 2013 1/2, I guess I should say - white in color, not GRAY?
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    belmel got a reaction from lizh27 in SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! 2009 Millennium, JUST REDUCED! Erie, PA   
    Did you sell it?