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  1. I am shopping for a long arm and want to make all the right choices! choosing between a Gammill and APQS is a tough decision. Since I plan on computerized sewing the software is a factor. Love the Creative Studio Program offered by Gammill. Interested in Intelliquilter too. But the cost of these is over the top. Quilt Path is a little lower but looks extremely unfriendly. Any advice from experienced quilters would be so welcome. Thanks
  2. thanks for your reply! do you have the 12 inch IQ screen or 9.7 inch? which do you recommend
  3. I am looking into purchasing a long arm.... so excited. Not sure if it will be APQS or Gammill. Love the Creative Studio software. Has anyone used IQ? and do you have 12 inch or anyone out there with the 9.7 inch version? Any regrets? Advice welcome. This is a big step for me and you are the experts. Thanks in advance
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