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  1. After checking hopping foot height ( which was good ) I loosened up the bobbin tension a little and lowered the needle height. Ran like a charm!
  2. I will check that tomorrow morning. I had set it up using a business card. I think there is suppose to be some resistance when you slide it underneath when the needle is in the down position?
  3. I've been having trouble quilting T-shirt quilts. The stitches are skipping in the t-shirts. Usually if the shirt has thick printing on them or if the shirts are more of a poly blend. I never had trouble before. I used to do mostly panto designs but anymore I have to meander them and APQS recommended using a washaway and or a tearaway topping. This has helped. But today with even the stabilizer on the shirt the stitches were skipping. I've changed out all the thread guides, used thread conditioner, increased stitches per inch, slowed down and made sure the top and backing are not tight on the frame. I use Dream Cotton batting and So Fine thread. The stitches don't skip on any cotton fabric. I don't know what else to do! Help!
  4. First, thanks for taking time out of your day to respond to my post! That in itself makes me feel better (kind of like a hug when you need one!)! I will go for that walk and get a little fresh air! I will take a break. Thanks again! You are all wonderful and God Bless!
  5. I've been longarm quilting for 5 years. Lately I've felt like I'm in a funk. Most customers are delighted with their quilts. Some wonder why it cost extra when you've done custom work. It takes more time typically to do custom work and time is money. Some customers do not understand the concept of measuring the quilt top before they add the borders. That of course eliminates rolling borders. Maybe I need to take a short break and evaluate. Does anyone have any uplifting thoughts! Thanks for your help!