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  1. Hi Georgene! I'm trying to discover all the resources I can for my recently arrived Quilt Path, and tried the web address you have above but couldn't find the page. On further searching I realized there is a "typo", and it should read: www.threadwaggle.com I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned it so I thought I would. Now that I found it, I'll be checking it out, and following your videos!
  2. Hi Wendy! I'm a newbie too! Took delivery of my Millie (Luna) in Oct. I went with APQS for a few reasons...3 friends from my Guild have had theirs for about 6 and 10 years...have nothing but positive comments about them and can't say enough wonderful things about APQS customer service...how the tech will "listen" to your machine on the phone and be able to help you with the diagnosis and tell you how to fix it! I liked the fact that it is American made and has a lifetime warranty to which I was able to add my daughters. Hopefully, one of them will someday quilt! Shortly after mine arrived, I broke a needle and messed up the timing...even I could hear that something wasn't right! I am determined not to be intimidated by Luna, so I took a deep breath, watched the YouTube video on timing, and then replayed it step by step until I FIXED IT!! I had a subsequent problem where the thread kept breaking after just a few stitches...I called APQS, got Dawn who made a few suggestions, never made me feel like an idiot, and even emailed me over the weekend to see how I was doing. Long story short, I took a deep breath, started from scratch, and realized I made the typical newbie mistake of putting the needle in backwards... Recently I was at MQX and used 2 other brand machines in classes. Neither felt as "solid" as Luna. I wish you luck in your journey! Another friend just sold her Gammill and bought a Millie at a road show. If APQS is at any quilt show you can get to, you can "test drive " there too. Carol
  3. I just received my QP this week and will be setting it up (with the help of a friend) over the w/e. I'll be checking out the videos on YouTube, but would like to know where else is good "newbie info". I noticed above that you mention a QP group on FB , so I'll ask to join there. Any other suggestions?
  4. A treasure! It's so nice to be able to preserve a family heirloom!
  5. I've just gotten my Millie...I'm a friend of Heidi and Charlotte...and I'm going!! This will be my first MQX and I'm so excited. I did sign up for 2 hands-on classes...just hoping I'm ready for them...practice, practice, practice is what I hope to be doing until then!