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  1. Thank you I will try corn starch.
  2. Help! I got oil on a customer quilt and need to get it out. How can I do this without washing her king size quilt?
  3. Thank you, ladies for your comments. I put the bobbin in and did some sample stitching and played with the tension and it works great. I love not having to change the bobbin as often.
  4. I was given some prewound bobbins with paper not magnets and I was wondering if they are good to use and if there are any tricks to making them work.
  5. Thank. You for your comments. I will put it in the dryer to see if that helps and will they'll the owner to wash it after she puts the binding on.
  6. I usually use warm and natural but this person brought me her own batting and I really do not know what it is. Saying that it was nice and soft but I could not see a difference on either side.
  7. I am quilting a quilt for a friend and the back is looking really bad. You can see the needle holes and the batting in the holes. I changed the needle so there is a new sharp needle but still have this problem.
  8. Yes, Sheri, I am talking about the sneaker foot. I looked on the store here and it just looked short. I am out of town for a funeral so I will look at it when I get home. I have never taken the hopping foot off the machine that I have. Once I look at my machine I am sure I will see what needs to be done. Thank you, Sheila
  9. The only foot I have for my Lenni is the hopping foot that is standard on the machine. I think I would like an open toe foot so I can better see where I am stitching and on the store page I see that it cost $100. That seems like a lot of money and would like to know if any of you would recommend getting it. And is there anything else I would need to use the open toe foot.
  10. I tried the sofine on top and bottom, adjusted the tension and did not have any problems. I will try the glide on top and so fine on bottom again and try to get the tension right. Thank you all for your comments.
  11. I have had my Lenni for a year now and had some difficulties along the way. Most of my problems was the tension. I really had a lot of problem there and want to venture out in using different threads. I started using glide on the top and sofine in the bobbin and I really had problems getting the tension good so I tried using glide top and bottom and I did not not have the tension problems. My question for the day is, I want to use sofine in top and bottom and would like to know if this is a good idea and if not what am I getting myself into?
  12. The thickness is only at seam intersections.
  13. I have a customers quilt and it has very think seams, like when points meet. I am not sure the machine is going to go over them without breaking a needle. These seams are very thick. Should I try to do this quilt or just say I can not do it. I will be doing a pantograph on it, if I decide to do it. I have a Lenni and love it and do not want to break it.
  14. It is more in the middle. I did take a really small crochet hook and poked it through the backing very carefully and got some of it out. It looked like trashy greasy thread. I got as much out as I could and will show it to my friend to see what she thinks if anything. I know I will examine the batting from now on. Thank you for replying to my post.
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