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  1. Libby this is outstanding! You do such a good job and it amazes me at how beautiful the quilting is on these quilts. How long have you been quilting with an APQS machine? I am still having trouble quilting with my machine. It feels like there is some vibration when I am quilting but the dealer that gave me a lessen told it was fine. So I keep practicing.
  2. Thank you Mary Beth for the encouragement. I have been drawing them and I do alright going one way but when I change directions is where I have the problem. I will keep on drawing them and hope it catches on. I also have a couple pantos of feathers and I will use those too.
  3. Looks like you are doing fine to me. I am still practicing with feathers and still have not mastered them. It looks like I might never master them but having fun with my Lenni. I do not have the bliss table but I am hoping that it will not keep me from mastering the feathers. Glad you are back to quilting.
  4. It look absolutely stunning and I love the panto.
  5. Where do you quilters buy your Hobbs batting.
  6. Congratulations, she is beautiful. New babies are so precious, enjoy this newest member of the family.
  7. Does the wool shrink up when washed?
  8. Thank you, Lynn. I will try this with my quilt. Still working on finishing the top but that will give me time to get it and have it ready.
  9. I want to use a medium to high loft batting for my next quilt which is different from the warm and natural that I usually use. My questions is what is the best brand and loft to use? I want to use a pantograph to quilt it and was wondering if a high loft will quilt okay. I should add that I am very new at using my longarm, I have only done three quilts so far.
  10. I love the quilting on this bright cheery quilt. You did an fabulous job.
  11. Libby, I have this book but the pattern is not in it. She must have altered the pattern so she could get this wonderful design. I would love love to have the pattern, is there any way to get in touch with this quilter to get more information on the pattern. I quilt a lot but only with a pattern I am not so good at altering patterns to get the effect that I want. Any help getting the pattern would be great. Thank you so much. Sheila
  12. Can anyone tell me what is the best 8 inch swag ruler and where to get it. I want to try doing some swags but not sure which ruler would be best. I appreciate the help.
  13. So sorry for you loss. You did a wonderful job on these quilts and while she is looking down seeing these beautiful quilts I am sure she has a smile on her face and tears of joy in her eyes.
  14. I have not been doing this for very long either, got my lenni in October but I do not have a bliss and at first I thought I would not get the hang of it. But practice makes perfect, and I am getting better but a long way from being perfect. Keep practing and you will get it.
  15. Thank you all for the wonderful remarks. I have a lot of room for improvement but incouraging remarks help.
  16. This quilt was made with the binding tool. I had a jelly roll and just had to put it to use. I really like this quilt and next time will make it bigger. I used a pantogragh for the quilting of it and is the second quilt I did on my Lenni. I see that there is lots of room for improvement and will hopefully get better as I keep practicing.
  17. I my new lenni was delivered the end of October in 2015 and this is my first quilt that I quilted on it. This was a mystery quilt that I made a couple of years ago. I think it came out pretty good for being the first one. I used a pantogragh for the quilting.
  18. I have been wanting to make this quilt and this one is beautiful. The feathers you did are wonderful. Great job. My husband and I have been on vacation for three weeks and we have one more week before we head home and I can not wait to get back home so I can quilt. Love seeing other quilters work on this forum. Sheila
  19. Halloween is not a Holliday that I like but this little quilt is so cute and you did a great job with it. So very cute. Sheila
  20. Thanks for all the comments. I am thinking I will stay with chalk. I do not want to take the chance the markings will not come out. Thank you all so much for all the information. Happy quilting to you all. Sheila
  21. Thank you, Tamarack! I am from central Maine so know about cold weather. I will take your advice and either use the white chalk. Have you had any experience with water soluble markers? Not sure I want to quilt and then spray my quilt to get rid of the marks. You would have to wait until it dried before advancing the quilt, right?