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  1. Myrna, Thank you for that information. I did not know that. Sheila
  2. I have been practicing and got tired of it so I have just started quilting my quilts and have used Pantographs on them and they came out pretty good. But my last quilt I did I used curved and straight rulers on it but was never sure if I was doing it right. I did not have any trouble using the ruler but I never know how to travel to one place to the other. Am I suppose to cut my thread so I do not go over already stitched lines. There must be something written about this. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thank you, Sheila
  3. Robin, I have come to the point that I am doing quilts and I am liking the results. I have some pantograghs that I have done and they came out pretty good but there is room for improvement. My latest quilt I did some ruler work on it but have never been told what the right way to move around when doing it. Some lines I went over two or three times. Is there someplace that tells how exactly to travel around the quilt when you are using rulers? Sheila
  4. Cagey, Thank you very much for the information. There is so much to learn about the machine and threads. I need to start a notebook of all the tips I get from the good people on this forum. Thank you, Sheila
  5. What a fantastic job you have done on this quilt. I am new to long arm quilting but hope someday I can do such good work. May I ask you how long you have been doing this? I look forward to seeing more of you creations. Sheila
  6. Thank you Cathy. I will purchase that ruler. I can see that it would be a fun ruler to play with. I finished quilting a quilt yesterday and some of my tension was off. Not sure why because it stitched good for awhile and then the tension was too loose and it would go back to stitching good again. Today will be a day to practice and see if I can get the stitching right. Again thank you for the name and size of the ruler. Sheila
  7. Absolutely beautiful. I am amazed at all the talent I have seen on this forum. I hope someday I can do a quilt that will shine just a little bit. Have only been at it for a couple months so I need,to keep practicing! ALOT
  8. I have no words that can say how beautiful this quilt is. It is so amazing. How long did it take you to do this?
  9. It is now called Curvit and that is the one I was asking about. Thank you for your replies. I was wondering if is worth getting and easy to use. I noticed it has a straight edge too so can that edge be used too for square cross hatching?
  10. Could I get some feedback on the sidekick ruler? Is it easy to use and what are your opinion about this ruler. This will be new to me as I have not done any ruler work except for some straight crosshatch.
  11. I have a new Lenni and love the machine, but the bobbin winder is not very good. It does not wind the very tight even when I change the setting. Does anyone else have this problem and if you do what do you do to correct the problem?
  12. I have a Janomi 6600 and I love it. I have had it for about 4 years and it has not given me any trouble. I use it for piecing and free motion quilting.
  13. I am a new quilter so forgive my ignorance, what is MQX?
  14. Thank you Cagey. I watched the videos and thought it very well explained how to do the feathers. I love feathers but so far mine are not beautiful. I might start out good then I loos my focus and they start looking weird. I will keep practicing and I do see improvement.
  15. Cathy, Can you remember what size boomerang ruler you used? I want to order one and would like to get the right size. Thank you. Sheila
  16. Thank you all for your advice. I am still practicing different ways to quilt and do not yet have the confidence to do a quilt yet. Have not had my Lenni very long and will get my training next Monday. I know the magic word is PRACTICE! So thank you all again for the helpful tips.
  17. I am new at using a long arm and have lots of questions. But I will just ask one to start out with. When you have a large quilt to do and you want to do feathers in the borders how do you do that. Do you do the borders last and if so how is that done?
  18. Thank you all for the good advise and I will try everything and hope for good results. I can see an improvement and will continue to practice. Teresa, I live in Maine so it is a little to far to travel to get help, but I certainly appreciate your offer and would take you up on it if I lived closer.