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    Quilta93 got a reaction from quiltmonkey in Baby Quilt   
    So cute!! Love the quilting!
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from Marie0722 in Sea Breeze   
    You did a great job! Beautiful!
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    Quilta93 reacted to NHDeb in Wool Bearding through the quilt   
    I thought I'd share my experience and the response I rec'd from Quilters Dream regarding the wool batting bearding through the lion quilt I made for my son.

    I used black fabric and a darker red and the bearding was DREADFUL on both front and back of the quilt after washing/drying.  I was devastated and emailed the company with the photos.  I purchased one of those sweater shaver things and used that over the entire quilt - front and back.  It helped quite a bit, but it will never be the same as when I made it I'm sure. :-(
    There was no bearding on any of the gold fabrics.

    Below the photos is the copy/pasted response from QD Customer Service.

    "We have found that many high quality fabric manufacturers use a sulfur-based chemical in their dyeing process (especially when dying dark and vivid colors like reds and dark blues).  The sulfur is very good for fabrics because the sulfur molecule is five-sided, which causes a strong bond and makes the colors very color-fast.  The disadvantage to the “attraction” created by having 5 sides is that more surfaces promote static electricity.  (When you wear dark colors or a very vivid print, have you noticed that pet hairs and fuzz balls seem to stick to you?  It isn’t your imagination – the sulfur has caused a static charge making everything stick.)  In quilting, the combination of motion, handling, and weather (especially dry climates, machine dryers, or dry winter heating) will increase the static, causing the fibers of batting to ‘stand up’ like the hair on our arms and be drawn to the fabric.
    The solution is to break the static charge.  You can use an anti-static spray, such as Static Guard both on finished and unfinished quilts.  If you don’t have an anti-static spray, put a few anti-static dryer sheets in a spray bottle with water and sprits both the fabric and the batting (or the finished quilt). This will not cause the fibers to pull back in, but it will prevent more from bearding through.  You can use a sweater shaver or lint roller to remove the batting "balls" from the surface once you have thoroughly sprayed the quilt with anti-static spray. 
    When you wash your quilt, use fabric softeners in the washer and anti-static sheets in the dryer.  It is also helpful to remove the quilt from the dryer before it is totally dry and hang it.  Do not store the finished quilt or your quilts-in-progress in regular plastic bags as this really promotes static electricity. Using a humidifier in the workplace not only cuts down on static, but is great for your skin! 
    The anti-static spray really works well in my own experience - a dark purple quilt that I had problems with completely stopped bearding after I sprayed it.
    I hope this information is helpful and that you will not run across this problem ever again – it is truly the exception."
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    Quilta93 reacted to clgtennis in Track lighting above long arm?   
    I found these instructions to build a light bar over my Freedom.  A friend of mine volunteered her husband to help me and we built it (mostly he!) in one evening.  I love this light bar and it was inexpensive compared to others I looked at and attaches perfectly to the brackets on my 10 foot frame.  I found all the supplies at Home Depot and Lowes.
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    Quilta93 reacted to RunningThreads in Track lighting above long arm?   
    Matt Sparrow posted an inexpensive light system many years ago.  I would use led shop light instead of the fluorescent lamps as they are  only slightly more money.  On the set I made for the Millie I also used a wireless outlet switch and velcroed the remote to the power advance switch box. When I got it to my liking I took the pipe outside and sprayed it flat black to match the table.  https://manquilter.wordpress.com/2009/09/23/new-lighting-for-2009-apqs-millennium/
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    Quilta93 reacted to LisaC in What is best sized table for my room?   
    You chose wisely! A 10' table would seriously "cramp" my quilts; my 12' table does at times! I would rather have cramped space to walk in than cramped space to quilt upon.
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    Quilta93 reacted to Gator in Moving Millie up a floor in my studio   
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from LibbyG in Two wallhangings   
    Beautiful quilts, and you did a great job quilting them. 
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from LibbyG in Dresden Plate   
    Beautiful quilt, and you did a wonderful job quilting it!
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    Quilta93 reacted to Smweinbeck in “Locking” or “anchor” stitches   
    Deb- I don’t do show quilts either, so your method works for me! Thanks!
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from LibbyG in “Locking” or “anchor” stitches   
    A dealer I talked with said she used to take some tiny stitches, but they ended up working their way out, so she knots and burys her threads. I decided that wasn’t for me. I do not do show quilts. I take a few stitches in one direction then back over the stitches when I start and finish. 
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from NHDeb in “Locking” or “anchor” stitches   
    A dealer I talked with said she used to take some tiny stitches, but they ended up working their way out, so she knots and burys her threads. I decided that wasn’t for me. I do not do show quilts. I take a few stitches in one direction then back over the stitches when I start and finish. 
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    Quilta93 reacted to Cascading Quilts in APQS Batting Bar Install   
    I received and assembled my new APQS Lucey w/Quilt Path and had ordered the optional batting bar.  It did not come with any instructions, so I made some up for anyone else who may run into this.

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    Quilta93 reacted to ffq-lar in leaders not straight   
    Before you do any drastic trimming, make sure your rollers are exactly parallel, both with each other and the floor. The eye bolts of the back roller determine the height from the floor and must all have the same number of threads showing. Ditto with the threads of the bolts of the front roller---those one stick out towards the front and if one side is farther out it will make your backer sag on one side, making you suspect the leaders and not the rollers. Your photo looks more like sag than uneven leaders. If it was set up by a dealer, this should have all been checked. If you set it up, it's not stressed enough in the instructions how crucial this step is to good results. Good luck!
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    Quilta93 reacted to quiltmonkey in Oops. Ripping out.   
    Hi Eric,
    Laura has a great suggestion when you need to completely rip out a huge section of quilting (skinning) but it's a little tricky and it's something you might want a partner to help you with.
    Anyway, to answer your question, which is more around how to restart quilting where you've removed a small amount of quilting - and to start out again. This is what I do:
    I use what looks like a dental tool, not a seam ripper. My favorite one has more a blunt end to it, not super sharp tip. The sharp curvy tips can easily get caught in the fabric. I've attached an example. 
    When I need to pull out stitches and start again, I don't remove all of the excess threads until I've backtacked to start stitching again. I hold on to these threads, along with the new starting threads, to keep things taut. Then, I carefully backtack several stitches, tiny tiny stitches, to hold in place, then I clip those threads off and start again. 

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    Quilta93 got a reaction from LibbyG in A Day at the Zoo   
    Cute quilt and great idea for quilting. 
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    Quilta93 reacted to Primitive1 in MQX New England.   
    I went about 5 years ago and it was the best learning experience for me!  I also enjoyed meeting many of the people on this forum...we met and had dinner together...loved it!
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from Gail O in Wheel Rail System vs Bliss Track   
    When I was thinking about getting an APQS machine, I test drove a Millie without bliss. I didn’t like it.  I couldn’t make round feathers. They were flat.  My mid arm, which was heavier moved much smoother and my feathers were round. I went to a road show that had machines with the bliss tables and that made all the difference. I purchased a Millie with bliss. 
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    Quilta93 reacted to sewingpup in Quilting help for a newbie   
    I would try loosening the quilt sandwich a bit.....I do believe you want it so all three layers are flat....but you can still see the base of the machine moving ...kinda of like a little mole crawling under there....I usually like it so the top of the quilt looks flat.....but not snug so there is little stretch on the actual fabric...there are some tips on this board and on the APQS website....I would look under "loading the quilt"...for ideas on how snug you want it.....as usually...more experts will probably chime in....Lin
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    Quilta93 reacted to Kwiltr in MQX New England.   
    Aren't classes awesome!  I took 5 of 6 classes/lectures Judi offered at the Utah quilt show a few years ago.  It was the first time I had done classes at a quilt show and I got so much out of it and had such a great time, I vowed to do it again ASAP!  I am registered for some classes at the Canadian National quilt show with Kathleen Riggins at the end of May.  Can't wait!
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    Quilta93 reacted to NHDeb in MQX New England.   
    MQX was my first show and first classes ever!  I had a BLAST!  I went Wednesday and Friday.

    The quilts were amazing - the people were awesome and I met SO many cool people.  I took classes with Clem (Clementine) Buzick, Dusty Farrell, and Karlee Porter.  Can't wait until next year!
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    Quilta93 got a reaction from Gail O in MQX New England.   
    I went to MQX Thursday and Friday with a friend who had never been before. She said she’d go again next year with me.:) They had such amazing quilts! 
    I went to 2 lectures. One by Judi Madden and one by Bethanne Nemish. I enjoyed both of them. I got some ideas to quilt a couple quilts and I’ve been paper practicing new feathers I learned and am looking forward to trying them out on some quilts. 
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    Quilta93 reacted to EHonour in Two new QoV quilts   
    Right indeed.  I hate doing the hand work, but I do it to finish Beth's quilts; they'd never get done otherwise, because she dislikes the hand work even more than I do!
    This binding is pretty easy.  Create TWO binding strips, length of quilt border, one strip at 1-1/4" width (main color) and the other at 1-3/4" (flange color).  Sew them together lengthwise to create a binding strip at 2-1/2" width.  When you fold/iron it in half lengthwise, the flange color will stick out 1/4" past the main color.  Sew it to the BACK of the quilt first (main color against the quilt back), doing corners and end joins as you normally would do for any binding.  Then when you fold it around to the front, do the final sewing from the front in the ditch of the flange/main seam, aligning it so that the same stitching is in the ditch on the back.  (Yes, this part is a bit tricky to keep lined up.) For that final sewing, use top thread matching the flange color and bobbin thread matching the quilt back.  
    Or, follow the pics in this blog.  She uses a different width for the main fabric and ends up with a smaller flange.
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    Quilta93 reacted to jimerickson in George thread problems after bobbin changes   
    Donna:  Are you using a backlash spring in your bobbin case?  If so, check for lint or dirt under it.  Make sure your bobbin thread is routed properly in the bobbin case before you start.  Does this happen only when you begin a new bobbin, or other times when stop and start.  If only at the beginning, your bobbins may be overfilled.  This will cause thread to "fall" off the bobbin, wrap around the bobbin "axel", and pull top thread down to form the knot.  You may need to adjust your bobbin winder so it stops before the bobbin is too full.
    Bobbin changes have always been the event that gives me the majority of my tension problems.  That's why I converted my Ult 2 to an M bobbin system years ago.  Fewer bobbin changes, fewer tension problems.  Good luck.  Jim 
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    Quilta93 reacted to Liam in NQR...New Addition   
    New addition to our Family!  She is a two and a half month old "Teddy Bear".  We named her "Bitzie" (a play off of Itsy Bitsy); she is no larger than a pop can.

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