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  1. I just contacted BarbM on here about being added to the group. I never even thought about contacting my dealer as I bought at a quiltshow.
  2. So this might be a crazy question, but is there anyway to float the quilt backing too? Here's the story, I have a new customer that is intent on saving as much of her fabric as possible. Her quilt backing is two widths of fabric sewn together, but she decided not to cut the widths even because one fabric had nearly a half yard more length than she needed. Her idea was that if I started quilting at the top edge of the backing (this edge is even) then stopped quilting whenever I finished, she would be able to cut off the extra and get a larger hunk to save for later than if she cut it even beforehand and then trimmed away any excess after quilting. (I really hope my explanation is making sense, but if not I diagrammed it in the attached image.) So I'm wondering if there is anyway I can work with this wonky un-square and uneven quilt back? The best idea I had was to partially float the quilt back over the quilt back bar and just be careful to smooth it every time I advance. But I am concerned that this won't hold the tension well. Another idea I had was to sew some muslin to the shorter half to even the back out while I quilt then remove the muslin before returning it. Has anyone tried anything like this, or have any other ideas? Thanks, Erin
  3. So, I managed to quilt about 85% of a Full size quilt with good tension using King Tut on top and bottom, which from what I have now read is nearly impossible on an APQS machine. But after experiencing two top thread breaks I decided to loosen the top thread tension, but like a fool didn't check the back. After removing the quilt and even trimming the edges I noticed the area of eyelashing. So the quilt is off the frame and trimmed... Do I rip, reframe and requilt? Or can a little laundry shrinkage suck that cotton King Tut in enough to look passable? Has anyone ever had luck with either of these ideas? This is a charity quilt, but it would be nice if it were sturdy and well-made. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks, Erin
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