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  1. I use them on my Liberty and my Millennium (but not the red snapper brand). I do still pin with zippers on my custom quilts. I do find that the backing is just not as smooth for the custom jobs as I need it to be for the 'unquilted' areas on the first pass. I think it's the bulk caused by the rods/clips. Not a big deal at all, I just prefer to pin the top of the backing on the custom jobs. Been using them for over 2 years - wouldn't be without them. Quick and Easy.
  2. If that doesn't work think about blowing out your motor if you haven't. I just had some button issues, checked motor brushes and blew out dust - presto - all is good. I was way over due....
  3. pooping cupcakes....hmmmm, not sure if i'll be eating any of those real soon. maybe these few extra pounds are gonna come off now. too funny.
  4. since the decision is mine to make I don't charge a rush fee. But then I don't work my weekend for anyone either, unless I've put myself behind by playing a bit too much. Figure I can say 'no' if I need to, especially if a date is not met by the client. Good Luck. Hope you still enjoy quilting the quilt for her.
  5. beautiful. the quilting makes this quilt. Now I just need to make one of these so I can quilt it with the spiral.
  6. hmmmm, these type of customers always make me nervous. However, usually their friends realize their 'quirks' and also that the likelyhood of a quilt being ruined by an off center backing seam is unrealistic. Glad you're feeling better about it now, no worries.
  7. hahaha. i have a 'wonky' peicer as a regular customer and she always brings really bad thin cheap poly batts. when i saw about 6 of her quilts hanging in a local show, with my name mentioned, I just took a deep breath. She loves her quilts and I'm okay with it. But I will say I still stomp my feet when I get those poor quality batts - and I think with the bad economy they have become fairly common with my customers. Sad but true. Bottoms of my feet are starting to hurt.
  8. HaHaHa. We need to have a shirt made for him. Yes, he's wonderful. Comes and rescues my machines every year - thank goodness. And to all you APQS owners - if he's ever in your neighborhood he is worth every penny x 2.
  9. i found that spray starch worked better - especially on batiks. But that's when I've frogged the quilt and the top is OFF. Hate when that has to happen. Frogging today because of skipped stitches - grrrrrr. Hate to think of figuring out the cause of that tomorrow.
  10. very effective. i like this option to keep costs down for my clients that cannot afford full custom. great idea. BTW - my sister had a double lung transplant 7 yrs ago. Other than a few rough spots that first year all has been well. Getting through that first year can be difficult but well worth it. I'll keep her in my prayers.
  11. bought my Millie used with a 1 yr warranty. Issue I had did occur within the 1st year. I'd say save the money. My Libby is 8 yrs old and has never had an issue a warranty would have been needed for. Love the durability of these APQS machines.
  12. I use an air compressor and yes, lint caught up in the bobbin area will cause the issue you describe. I always blow out the bobbin area after 2 bobbin changes. It makes a difference.
  13. you need to go overboard. My husband told me the same thing and I did not listen. 2 Yrs later I really wish I had gone 'overboard' - so do it, do it, do it. I was only quilting for myself back then too. So 6 yrs after that I just went and bought a 2nd machine - a Millie. Go for the bigger one. David Jones and Deloa were here a few weeks back and spoke highly of the Lucy. Do it :D :D
  14. It's a funny world. Often we obtain information early on and that becomes our 'bible' so I'm not surprised that the horizontal seam information came up as it did. And heaven forbid we 'change' things. Makes me laugh. While horizontal seams will roll better there are cases where I like the hammock affect the vertical seam will give. I look to load it vertical, if possible, when I have very wavy borders. Believe it or not that hammock affect helps manage those borders. Strange but true. My 2 cents - at the very beginning make sure people understand there are many "options" and here are a few that longarmers may look for..... I begin any explaination with that statement, there really are very few rights or wrongs, mostly opinions.... Being only 2 years in business you may have 'fresh' ideas. Don't shortchange yourself. Good Luck on your presentation.
  15. ummm, it's difficult to rent time. Unless the person uses if about once a week you spend time retraining each time they come. And they still need help. You do alot of babysitting. I found that when I had the guilds use it for charity quilts I had to limit it to 2 people from the guild and require they come together so that what one forgot the other may have remembered. I do have one person that comes regular to do charity quilts and while I still have to help some - she's the exception to the rule. That's one person out of about 10 that I have trained. I'm now slowly backing out of it.
  16. first thing i say when it's just a drop off or pick up without a consultation - is your name and phone number in that bag?
  17. all are washed. our local QOV washes all quilts before they are packaged too. I just think that so many people have handled the fabric that a good washing is in order. the places we donate to know we wash them first.
  18. I saw a demo and did a bit of driving at MQX East. It's great for resizing motifs to place in blocks as well as the pantos. You don't have to buy their tablet either so you have 2 price options. It looked pretty cool, just a learning curve as your hands/arms/shoulder are angled differently from the front so following the line was not as easy as I thought it would be. Expect after a couple hours practice all would be good. I like the idea.
  19. don't worry about bringing it in. Mine is in the room above the detached garage and I turn the heat off when I leave each evening. It gets down in the single digits around here and in the 8 yrs I've been LAing I've never had an issue. Just warm them up as noted by others and you are fine.
  20. Likin it. have most of deloa's rulers, just picked up a couple heart templates for borders. if i make it to MQX West think I'll pick the ropes up. Looks good.
  21. haha, always wonderful to get a great response from the service team.
  22. I'd say - call Amy and have it checked out.
  23. Coleen ~ I'm challenged as well with trying to figure out how long a quilt will take to get done. I've been doing this for more than a few years and I still underestimate the custom quilts. What I think will take maybe a day and half ended up taking 4 days last week. Another 'one day' custom job was 3 days and that was only 54 x 54. That is working full days on them. I don't think I'm going to get any better at the estimates so custom work is very very challenging to work on. Seems to take forever. You're not alone!!!!