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  1. Originally posted by yankiequilter

    Panto Vision looks like a terrific new product. If we can follow a panto with a laser we should be able to follow the design on a screen with a cursor. I called ABM earlier this week and spoke with Kandi, however she couldn't answer my questions and said she would have Heidi call me. Heidi was out of the office so I haven't spoken with her yet. A few of the things that I would like to know, and if anyone gets the answeres please post them:

    - I believe that the panto can be stretched but can the size be input to the software? Inches of length and width

    Yes, you tell the program what size your quilt is and that size shows up on a graph on the screen. You can then choose your panto and or blocks and layout the entire quilt to fit those dimensions.

    - What is the maximum size panto the system will take? I'm wondering if a whole cloth design can be used in it.

    You can layout anything that you desire. Wholecloth, 1/2 cloth, blocks, borders, savings. Choosing designs that are panto friendly is key to having quilting success. Open forgiving feathers will give you better success then formal feathers for instance.

    - Can the panto be rotated 90 degrees which would enable its use on a border without rotating the quilt

    Yes. You would lay out the vertical border and proceed to quilt to your frame specifications. You would then advance the quilt and pick up the remainder just like you do when you advance your quilt using paper patterns.

    - An approximate delivery date for APQS. Now that we're excited about this product we want to know about how l long we have to wait. :D

    As soon as I know anything I'll let you know. We are working very hard to accomidate all makes and models.

  2. Passing on the latest info I recieved from ABM regarding tablets.

    We have run the PantoVision with a SonicView Veiw pad 10 dual OS tablet, windows 7. We don't have software for droid yet. Tablets that we provide for sale with the system will vary depending upon availability. I would not suggest a netbook as they are not a touchpad and may be more difficult to mount given the keyboard that is part of the netbook. We will post a list of recommended tablets in the near future. Right now we can recommend the ViewSonic.

  3. Hi Rita

    ABM is working on getting that info up on the site. I'll let you know when that is available.

    The following note was posted by Sheri on my Innova forum:

    The tablet computer ABM used when I saw it in Portland was a Viewsonic.  This particular tablet runs Windows 7 and Android.  (A definite advantage if  you want to shop 'APP' markets.) But the Android operating system is not necessary to use Pantovision. There are quite a few other Windows 7 tablets on the market. I have an Acer Iconia and love it.  The brand of tablet doesn't matter, just that it runs on Windows 7.  This software WILL NOT run on an IPAD.  It will probably NEVER be built to run on an IPAD.....

    If you are truly interested, search for Windows 7 tablets online and read reviews.  Make the best decision for you based on need and price.  Keep in mind the patterns we are going to load are not memory intensive so you don't need the biggest and best out there.

  4. The PantoVision software has its own circuit board secret box. That box has a cord which is wired into your controller, the other end of the magic circuit box also has a cord; that cord plugs into the touch screen. All you do after that is turn on the touch screen and panto away. It really is very simple. Hope that helps.

  5. Originally posted by Gator

    Ok silly question. Why does it need a stitch regulated machine? It doesn't appear to be attached to the actual machine head (other than the bracket). It's still hand guided, unless I'm missing something.

    It's not a silly question at all. The software is wired into the controller boards that read the stitch regulator encoders.

  6. Sherry , I have intellistich SR added to my Ult 1 do you have any idea if I could add this product to it??

    …I don't see why not. A stitch regulator is a stitch regulator!

    So, will this solve our marking problems? We could draw our feather spines, resize and fit exactly on the screen and go. Just being able to have those curves work out would save me a lot of design time?. So I wonder what size the tablet screen in the video was? Sherry, can you address that question? How slowly do you have to move the curser? It appeared on the video that it was very slowly, It it difficult to get smooth curves?

    …Now your thinking! You could absolutely do just that! The tablet in the video was about the size of an IPad. If you purchase your own tablet, you can get whatever size you want. Regarding speed, you can move as slowly or as fast as you desire. I'm not a fast mover, slow works better for me. Curves are as much as a challange as thet ever were on a panto, fast works better for that.

    I have a terrible time following the large pantos..........can't imagine trying to follow on a small screen. I couldn't find the You Tube video referred to above. I didn't think the demo from the Innova web site showed too much. Is the You Tube video different?

    …personally, I felt it was easier to follow a smaller image on the screen. You can zoom in or out on the design and follow whatever size your comfortable with. The YouTube video is the same as the demo video on the website.

    Ok another question, will this work on older machines? It is a fascinating too.

    …it will work on any stitch regulated machine, old or new.

  7. You can add to your pattern library very easily. Purchase or create your designs and move them to a USB stick. Plug the USB into your tablet and select import. Simple as a pimple. The software will read a dxf format which is the standard for digitized designs.

    If you have digitizing software you can create your own patterns, save as a .dxf and import.

  8. Hi everyone!

    In case you haven't seen the PantoVision yet, you can watch the YouTube video here.

    It's an outstanding innovation that will work on any stitch regulated machine on the market. ABM does have a patent pending on this technology which protects it from being manufactured by others, the great news is, no matter what machine you use, it's a huge benifit to all!

    Happy quilting,

    Sherry Rogers-Harrison

  9. Originally posted by Mary Beth

    It is like quilt glide only for the Innova.

    Hi girls!!

    It was terrific to see many of you at the show and at the big round table this year!! Thanks gobs for letting me sit and visit with you!

    I noticed the reference to Lightning Stitch and wanted to clarify that it is a newly configured VERY responsive stitch regulator now available for the Innova quilting system. It was amazing to actually be able to do micro stippling with Lightning Stitch engaged and not feel the pull or hesitation of the SR. We already have the Idol Speed option which is similar to the APQS Quilt Glide.

  10. Oh Kay, you are most welcome!! I really am happy that I could help out even though it really wasn't much work!! Lol

    From the looks of what I saw you do on the machine today I think you have a great start to becoming one with your machine!!

    I can't wait to see you progress further.

    Now put on a pretty panel and practice, when your it off!

  11. Christmas Magic

    Are we too grownup to feel a thrill

    As we light the Christmas tree?

    Are we immune to cookies,

    Christmas cards and Christmas glee?

    Are we too adult to "Ooh" and "Aah"

    At the Christmas candle's glow?

    Are we blasé about our gifts;

    Do we shun the mistletoe?

    Are we too mature for carols,

    For merry or for jolly?

    Do the decorations leave us cold,

    The ornaments and holly?

    Fat chance! We'll never grow too old

    To love the Christmas magic.

    A year without a Christmas

    Would be boring, even tragic.

    So bring it on! The candy canes,

    The feasting and good cheer;

    O Christmas, lovely Christmas,

    You're the highlight of the year!

    By Joanna Fuchs

  12. I have the king dbl fan 499/250-SOLD!

    king rope with corner 399/150

    king zig zag 549/250-SOLD!

    crosshatch 149/ 75

    curved crosshatch 149/75-SOLD!

    also have 3 sets of 144" zippers retail 19.95/ 10.00 -SOLD!

    and many other Apqs goodies as well.

    I have many tensioner units and about 12 bobbin cases, also one lasor unit with cord and quite a few hartley takeup bar covers. Make me an offer!

  13. I use the old fashioned way of keeping my batting out of the way. My idea only cost a 1.50! All I do is stretch a length of elastic from side to side nearest the edge of the table top and more tripping over batting! Granted it does not roll it all up in a neat little bundle, but it does keep it away from the wheels of the stool I use to sit while I quilt which is all I am after.