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  1. Awsome Victoria!! I am so pleased to see the designs from my books quilted!! Both books have a ton of ideas in them and it is always such a thrill when I see them used. Thank you so much for using my book!!
  2. Bravo Dory! I am sooo happy for you. Enjoy!! Xxoo
  3. Cockadoodle doo!! Guess what I found today!! I found one of the original Mega Chicken Wire rulers that was made as a prototype!! I can scribe some reference lines on it and offer it as a loaner as long as someone wants to pay for shipping both ways! Any takers?? It will have to ship in a well protected box but I think I can come up with something secure.
  4. Design away...I just was asking that mine not be duplicated in it's exact form. This is just a shape, knowbody can OWN or copyright a shape. If somebody wants to take the time to figure it all out and make their own ruler I would or could never stop them. My manufacturer was one of those business's that fell victom to the economy, I was with them for years and was hoping they would come back. They were kind enough to send m a copy of the disk that holds my files for all the rulers that made for me over the years. I just need t take that to one of the many places around here and get them made. I certainly intend to do that but have been wrapped up in other things lately. I hope this helps explain where I stand better. Thanks for listening
  5. Much easier to borrow one. It took me a lot of thought to manufacture this. Would hate to see an exact duplicate of mine out there.
  6. Hang on to your chickens, girls!! This ruler is no longer in production until I find the time to look for another manufacturer. I don't even own a personal sample to loan out at this point. I was just asked again last week where one could get one. I had to suggest they ask around to see if they could borrow or buy one that was no longer in use.
  7. Hi Kay! Nice to see you on board!! Hope you are enjoying your new to you machine! Have fun in your new adventure, your in good hands with these peeps!! Holler if I can be of any assitance, you have my #
  8. Thanks you's guys!! You all say the nicest things!! So happy to hear that those of you that attended the show got to see the quilt and liked what you saw! Connie, Lollapalooza was juried into the Mancuso show but sadly I had to pull it out due to an overlap of time. Houston owns the quilt from now till October, not sure why they need it so long but it couldnt be in 2 places at once. Meg, you need to stop by and see me sometime!! I am working on the Crown Royale quilt as we speak and could post some pictures of the detail if you want to se it in process. I will be teaching at Quilting With Machines in October, if you are in that neck of the woods it is filled with some awsome big name teachers! I am also teaching classes at the home of Pat Harrison in Exeter, Rhode Island. There may still be openings as well. You can contact Pat at ;
  9. Ah heck, thank you guys fir your kind words and congratulations!! Kim, it's super cool to see a picture of the quilt and ribbon. Thank you much once again! From this show the quilt was juried onto Houston and will go direct to there. So seeing the ribbon makes the waiting to see the ribbon a real treat!! Thanks again to you all for your comments. Xxoo
  10. Awsome !!!!! I had no clue Kim!! Thanks for making the announcment! Hope to hear of more winners and would love to see photos. Thank you sooo much, I am very excited.
  11. Chopsticks or knitting needles work!! Load em up, grab the thread ends and let em roll!!
  12. Hi Linzi I use the Gelly Roll pens by Sakura. Hope to see pictures of your project! Holler if I can help you further
  13. Hi Nora I will be getting a new machine. When that happens I'll put it on my profile. Thanks for asking. Suprised nobody has scooped up all these goodies yet. Perfect addition to the tool box for one of the new reps!
  14. Good stuff for sale! Circle Lord • Stylus (retail $99.00) •sold Queen Baptist single fan , 3pcs (retail #499.00) •sold King double Baptist fans, 2pcs (retail $429.00) • King Clamshells, 3 pcs (retail $499.00) •sold King Swirls, 3 pcs (retail $549.00) • And an assortment of smaller templates: •sold Aztec ( retail $129.00) •sold Stella (retail $99.00) • Circles (retail $99.00) • Large crosshatch (retail $109.00) •sold Gingko (retail $129.00) •sold square spiral (retail $129.00) •sold circle spiral (retail $109.00) • ovals (retail $99.00) • Diamonds (retail $99.00) Retail Value: $3076.00 Take it all for $2500.00 Miscellaneous APQS parts 7 tension assembly’s (retail $15.00 each) $105.00 8 check springs (retail $2.50 each)= $10.50 14 bobbin cases (retail $9.95 each)=$100.90 55 bobbins (metal and alum.) retail $.50 each = 27.50 Retail Value: $243.90 Take it all for $200.00
  15. Oops, forgot to add that my machine has 1/2 Edgerider wheels and 1/2 standard wheels! The ER's are on the carriage, the standard wheels are on the frame.
  16. Extra’s included: Batting bar- $150.00 value Bobbins-qty 33 Spare fuses Spare motor brushes Spare tension unit- qty 2 Spare bobbin cases- qty 3 Spare backlash springs- qty 6 Packing grease Needles –size 18 and 20 Spare laser light assembly Fly wheel cover Extra thread guides installed Hartley spool holder Updated manual with 2 CD’s: Fons and Porter episode 1 and Quilting machine Maintenance guide Extra light bar bulb A baggy full of pre-wound bobbins Tattoos …..optional
  17. Thanks Bekah!! I am not going away, this is by far the best quilting resource out there and has the bestest quilting friends on the internet!!
  18. Hi Kristina Thanks, glad you like it! I have been sharing my "talent" and my passion for quilting with this forum for the last 5 years, I hope some of you have taken advantage of that! LOL I am looking at another quilting system, I have loved my APQS Millenium for 5 years. It has fit every picky criteria I have and I have been very satisfied with it's preformance. It has been very good to me and will continue to be very good to someone else.
  19. Hi Linda Not sure I can make that promise but I will promise to show them my new "Over The Moon Feathered Wreath"!!
  20. Hi Girls I am looking at changing things up a bit in the near future....... soooooo, you can find me on facebook or on my website for further details when they happen. No nibbles on my sale, perhaps I should remove my name from the ad! VBG
  21. Sherry Rogers-Harrison’s personal APQS Millennium is for sale! $ 10,000.00 Purchased in 2006, 12’ New Style frame, fully loaded and very well cared for. • Rulermate extended base • Bobbin winder • Laser light • LOTS of extras!! Seattle WA area, please call for a personal introduction and test drive. Serious inquiries only please. Setup and delivery assistance is available locally. (206) 412-4720
  22. I normally don't suggest my own books but maybe I should start! Formal Feathers 101 has gobs of ideas at the back of the book. If you already own my book, check them out. If you don't have it yet, you should get it!!