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  1. No bones about it, this is the funnest, cutest quilt I have ever seen!!! I LOVE it and want one just like it!!!
  2. A TRUE masterpiece! Incredible Claudia!!! Congratulations again, and again and again!!
  3. Sounds like I am in some pretty spectacular company!! Congratulations to all who entered as well! Lollapalooza was fortunate to win and i am sure you have all seen pictures so I wont show it again. But just in case you can find it on my website or facebook page. :cool: Shana, Marilyn/Claudia, Birgit, Claudia, JoAnn, and all the rest of you winners, I am so thrilled for you and wait with baited breath along with the rest to see pictues! Congratulations again to our remarkable APQS talent crew!
  4. WOW! Amazing keep going, you are definetly on the path to stunning!
  5. Oh, thats delightful! I commend you fr being able to create such large feathers! Not a task easily accomplished (at least by me that is!)
  6. Hi Kenna That's a great question, I'm sure others want to know as well! I used one gelly roll pen for outlining and 12 ID markers for the background.
  7. Hi Kristina Yeah, I am so happy you got the chance to see Tribal Fusion before it retires from the show circut. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the quilt!! Have a wonderful day!
  8. Thank you! The pleasure is all mine! Thanks for enjoying them!
  9. Good Morning Georgene What a wonderful compliment, thank you!! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed the short video. I had to cut out quite a bit in order for it to fit into the time restraints of YouTube. Your limited to 10 min. I have NO doubt that you and anyone else can do this just as I have or better!! Just relax and enjoy the process.
  10. Heidi Thank you for the compliment and you know I am a huge fan of all your magnificent talent as well! Bonnie I wouldnt quilt without them!! They are handy as a pocket arnt they! I could enter the quilt somewhere, sometime. It would be lovely done up in several blocks and pieced together wouldnt it. The center of this quilt is the part my Ink-Lique students will do in class. The enhancment around that center will possibly be a future FREE pattern but I cannot discuss the details right now.
  11. Hi Nancy LOL!! You say the nicest things...twice! Thank you, thank you. Did you fall on your keyboard? LMAO!!
  12. I know, my chin was in the same place when I saw it! Her email said she won ribbons as well! Damn that makes me happy!
  13. I was so thrilled to get this email the other day from Shirely Robinson and was gobsmacked to see that she had used my pattern Lancaster Star combining it with Ink-Lique' and creating this masterpiece!! She gave me permission to share it with you . I hope she reads this forum to see any comments you may have to offer to her. I am really, really proud of her!! Shirely's email is
  14. Thanks Girls!! So happy to hear you enjoyed it and that you like my little quilt. Thanks gobs!!
  15. Hi Friends I have been working hard on some new stuff and preparing for upcomming shows and lectures. I just finished a cute little piece for my trunk show and filmed a few minuets of the stitching process while I was at it. Have a look see when you get a chance. This is Black Velvet. It is my most recent Ink-Lique' and is approx. 242X24. Hope you like it as much as I do. Thanks for looking
  16. Sheila Terry Doyle took 1st with a stunning wholecloth. I am thrilled for her great honor and I am just thrilled to bits to have placed at this show! Regarding Quilt Glide, you'll have to rely on a rep to officially explain this feature but I drove it once while I was at the Road to CA quilt show and I loved it!!
  17. Linzi That has got to be the biggest most awsome quilt I have ever seen!! You should be very proud of your accomplishments. Congratulations on your design, the perseverance to actually quilt something of this size AND being a finalist in the AQS Paducah show!!
  18. Hi Darlene Yeah! That is exactly the responce I had hoped for!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me, it just kills me not to be there to experiance it for myself. Bummer that you didn't get a picture with it but you will just have to plan for it at MQS. Rule is, if you do..... You have to share it with us.
  19. Goodness, thank you!! You all make me feel so darn good that maybe I can stop taking my anti-depressants if this keeps up! LOL Sandy, I always use the smallest stitch I can get whether I use the SR or not. I feel it gives me better accuracy and until I upgrade to the Quilt Glide this is how I roll.
  20. Welcome to the AQS winners circle!! Your quilt is beautiful and you deserve to be VERY proud!! Yeah you!!
  21. What a lovely way to wake up and start the day!! I am stunned to see all your responces and actually had to have 3 cups of coffee and a hot bath to try to think of something that expresses how much I enjoy reading your notes! So far all I have come up with is THANK YOU!! Knowing that you enjoy my work as much as I do is very humbling and very cool!! Thank you all soooooo very much!!
  22. What a nice surprise to log into tonight and find that you presented my winning quilt. I am so happy that you got to see my quilt in the show and its nice to know that my efforts showed as well as I had hoped. I could not attend this year and it is killing me not to see it hanging for myself. I hope you all feel free enough to take pictures in front of my quilt. I would really treasure seeing your smiles! I debut'd this quilt in Road to California this year and it took a lovely Best Painted Surface ribbon. From Paducah it will travel to MQS. So another photo op is right around the corner for those of you attending the show.