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  1. Giddy up girlfriend, the postal pony is going to make a stop in your hood! Glad you got in on the deal-e-o!
  2. Awsome possum!! It's in the mail as I type! Enjoy the process. Thank you.
  3. Hi Teresa Any gel pen will work, just test it if you don't use what I recomend in my book. Btw, if you don't have my Ink-Lique' book yet, I am offerering a screaming deal through the end of the month on all my books and patterns.
  4. Hi Bobbie Tension assemblys' are cheap, about 15 bucks I think but I would try tightening the check spring before you get a new one. See the slot on the end of the unit? Give it a turn and see if that helps.
  5. Hi Teri That quilt you saw in process has been shelved for now. I started a new one but it is very similar. Perhaps I will have to do a series since I now have 2!! Hey, I am super proud of you for completing the Formal Feathers 101 pattern!! Get a camera and snap a picture, I wanna see it!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Patty Jo!! Enjoy every moment of your beautiful day!
  7. Oh gawsh...maybe I shoulda used this border in my quilt!! Sooooo glad you like it, thank you!!
  8. Hi Bonnie This is actually a full size mock up I created on paper to audition with the body of the quilt in process. After I draw my design element I color it with ink and run it through the printer to make copies. After I have all my copies I can tape them together and get a better idea of what I have. If some element doesnt work I swap it out with something else. As I said before I ended up NOT using this particular border for the quilt in process but I will use it on something else somewhere down the road. Hope that helps you understand my process. Holler if you have any other questions and thank you very much for your responce. It's really cool that you like what I do as much as I like what I do!!!! quote]Originally posted by Boni Just curious "dumb" question: Is that picture of a drawing, quilting, or inking? It looks VERY impressive! Doesn't surprise me, just wondering what I'm looking at. Sherry--you are definitely a genius in my book. Curved crosshatching----and woven to boot! Awwwwwesome
  9. HI Bonnie We still have a few active members and some super dedicated super woman (whom will remain un-named ) Linda A and Beth and Patty...oops I said it. Many are still working their programs and checking in now and then. Me....I have not been as active on the site as I have been super busy getting this quilt finished and being a guardian to my 16 year old Grandson. However I am still losing the pounds (albiet slowley) I put on after I quit smoking 2 years ago which was exactly my goal! Come join us and help keep the chatter up, nobody is ever turned away!
  10. LOL!! Hi Renae!! I am keeping it under wraps until it is finished but it's nice to know you are anxious to see it. Thank you!!
  11. Hi Jeanne I am filing that border concept away for future use but I am using the curved crosshatching basket weave in the quilt I am currently wohave in process. Happy to hear that you like it though, thanks for leaving a comment!
  12. Here is a border I was was considering for a quilt I have in process. I didnt use any curved crosshatching "tool" to achieve this look but I did use Renae's Rays circle compass which is just a large circle for the shape. Just another thinking out of the box thought to consider.
  13. Hip hip horrahh!!! Congratulations Caron!!! I'll be watching for an update on the color ribbon your getting!!!
  14. Enjoy the ride!! It is a very exciting adventure. Congratulations!
  15. Hi Shana In this case if you have to re-block, pinholes will be evident. Try the warm water massage but if it does not work you may be better off applying a trim against the binding. Joann's has some lovely choices.
  16. Sherry is having an EVERYTHING I have for sale is ON SALE sale!!! Pass it on
  17. HI Meg Your so welcome! You'll do fine on your quilt Meg, there is no doubt in my mind. Just relax, take your time and enjoy the process.
  18. Hi Meg I use one red Blizzard spoonful per 48 oz. of water. I use a plant mister that I bought at the home improvment store in place of a spray bottle. This is much easier on your hands and you get a very fine misting of spray. WETTING the quilt is not nessasary, I mist and wipe as opposed to drenching the quilt. I also recomend using bottled water if your source of water is hard or has clorine added. PS, the chocklate chunk pecan fudge with coconut and extra pecans has the best spoon!
  19. Hi Teri Thank you for posting this! It's really nice to read that you enjoyed what I had to offer enough to write a testamonial. I worked really hard to make both the lecture and the workshop the best I had to offer and it's really nice to know it was appreciated. I really enjoyed giving the lecture and it was great fun to witness the inspiration and excitment that my passion for quilting inspired! Each one of you had masterpieces in the making and I cannot wait to see them finished! Thank you again for making my stay so very comfortable!
  20. Was my first thought. You could do something such as this in the blocks and bows in the white?
  21. It was SOOO much fun to see Ramona Linda at the Quilted Rose!!! You made my day you sweet thang you! And Tami and the girls were a real joy to meet as well. What a fun job you girls have there!! I fell in LOVE with San Diego, the fragrance of flowers blooming, the sunshine that burnt my retinas and the Road to CA. quilt could you go wrong with that combination? It was great to see Cheryl and JoAnn and I fell IN LOVE with the new Quilt Glide they had on the updated Freedom!! Anybody want to buy my Millenium head so I can afford to upgrade?? Serious...that is some GOOD stuff they did there!!! Birgit, I got to see your 2 entries as well so that was a treat! I cannot wait to go back next year, the quilts were a-maze-ing and it was fun to visit with my quilt and have my picture taken even if it is not the bestest picture of me!!