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  1. For Crying out loud, I dont know why I can seem t get this right! My bad AGAIN!! Of course NQA is in May, at least I have the right dates written on my planner..maybe I should look at it next time I write dates! Sorry and thank you so much for pointing that out Sandy. quote]Originally posted by sandyquilts NQA is June 17-20 in Columbus, Ohio
  2. Hi Dianne Anything we can work out directly before RI could would work best for me. I have to be in Ohio on the 21st- 24th. Feel free to call me and maybe we can work out a plan. 206 412-4720
  3. And great story! It rminds me of a quilt I did several years ago. I found this quilt on Ebay and choose to practise my Sherry Swirl on it.
  4. Hi Meg Thanks! You can see more photos of this quilt on my webshots pages. It is in the album titled Joel's scappy stars.
  5. Hi Bonnie That would indeed be something to look forward to! Please watch my website for updates as I recieve them. Thank you for your interest!
  6. Hi Sandy I got my shows mixed up...sorry. NQA is in May, my bad. Here is a link to see what is being offered.
  7. A super easy way to know the right side of the batting is to think about it this way, the right sides are usually always folded together to keep them clean. This same theory also applies to muslin.
  8. Hi Sandy I think all my classes there are workshops, either full or 1/2 days.
  9. Hello Friends I have added a lecture circuit to my up-comming 2009 adventures. I have a 60 min. Powerpoint presentation/ trunk show on Ink-Lique to offer and it is jammed pack with great stuff. I have several lectures scheduled already. I will be doing my first in Idaho at the Boise Basin Quilers Guild next week and I will be doing several others in mid October in Rhode Island. These lectures will be followed by hands on workshops at the studio of Pat Harrison (no relation). From there I am planning to go directly to Columbiana, Ohio to teach several workshops at QUILTING WITH MACHINES beginning October 22-24th. I wanted to throw all this out there in case someone else wanted me while I was in the hood. If you are interested in contracting me, please let me know. Thank you.
  10. Sorry Beth, you still havent arrived at the Fitness Friends group. I just sent you a link, try that . If it works cut and paste it into this thread.
  11. I am fond of *SHUT THE FRONT DOOR* said with gusto!!
  12. Joann Please share your recipe and let me know if I can share with the fitness friends. Thank you
  13. I am trying to find the link to my facebook page. I set up a private FITNESS group where only invited members can post. It really is very easy to do and fun to learn. TThis forum is not private, anybody can read them even if they are not members. From this point on I will only be adding anything new I do to Facebook. Join me if you wish. I set up a Facebook profile where I can post my pictures, videos and events and I want to add you as a friend so you can see it. First, you need to join Facebook! Once you join, you can also create your own profile. To sign up for Facebook, follow the link below: If you all decide to forgo my invitation and continue your fitness support on this site I definetly respect that.
  14. Happy New Year! Okay, who was it that wanted to join me in my quest to dump the extra weight I added? I have no plan to organize anything super official but I recently started using my Facebook account and we could set up a group there unless someone else has ideas. Anyway, I walked very fast on my treadmill today for 30 min and am keeping a food and weight journal. If we as a group want to use my facebook account let me know and I will send you a link to join.
  15. My goal is to lose the 20 lbs that found me after I quit smoking coming up on 2 years ago. I will start on an excersise regimen faithfully and will eat healthier. I will continue the work on my next show quilt and design another and another and another after that. I will learn how to maintain my Facebook page and find friends that like me.
  16. Hubs just finished the addition, this looks more like it beehive shaped or not! LOL
  17. Hi Meg. So happy to hear little Tucker and hubby will be home for Christmas. Please give Tuck a soft liitle hug from Abby May and I. I've taken the asprin and taken a jacuzzi and am happy to say I do feel better already. Note to self, DO NOT add more then the suggested amount of bubble bath. My soak was cut way short due to an over abundance amount of bubbles! I hope they disapate before my guests arrive on Christmas day!
  18. You would be wrong Bonnie dear, we only used the snow from the little front patio. The yard hasn't been touched. Heck the dogs won't even venture out there! LOL I was only the morter maid. Hubs did all the packing and stacking. However, I am beginning to feel the strange effects of what I recall as being manual labor. Should feel even worse in the morning! Oy
  19. yes indeed Beth! After all it does have a bench inside and we also opted for the built in ice buckets and can holders! Nuthin but the best for my guests!
  20. Contractors just arnt what they used to be Bonnie but we do have room to put on an addition! And Sheri, tell hubs that I'll try to get a snapshot of the meltdown if and when global warming occurs!