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  1. We are not sure where it all went so wrong.....darn engineers anyway!:P MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
  2. Some of you may or may not know that the PNW has been experiancing quite a bit of snowfall this past week and I heard today more is expected. I heard on the news that the last time Seattle had 4 inches of snow was in 1974. Some of our snow drifts are measuring in several feet here. I hope that all of you affected by the snow are staying warm and safe during this time. Hubs and I decided to build an igloo. Keep in mind neither of us have EVER had the opportunity to try this ever before in our lives so once you see this palace, try to keep your laughter to a minamum. There are several pictures and I have never figured out how to add multiple photos to one post so bear with me while I take you through our experiance. Have a happy holiday friends and know that I now have an extra room if anybody wants a sleepover!:P
  3. Bravo to you Teresa!! This is one magnificent quilt! You nailed those feathers girlfriend! Congratulations!
  4. Rats! I was hoping that was the trouble. Did you blow a circut?? Hoping for an easy fix. Keep us informed.
  5. Hi Tucker! Abby and I are so glad to hear you are home with your Mommy and feeling well enough to eat some. Get better real soon and take it easy. Abby says to milk it for all you got as Doggy Mommy's are suckers for our big brown eyes and will do anything they can for us! Love, Abby May Licks-a-little and her Mommy
  6. Yo may have BLOWN the fuse. You should have an extra inside the fuse housing. Exchange that for the one installed and see if that works.
  7. it seems many of us grew up with the "buttertons"! Have you seen that commercial of tv, it's a hoot! We also ate quite a bit of creamed tuna on toast. I think the ingrediants consisted if tuna, butter, flour, milk and a can of mushy peas!
  8. Hi Linda AWSOME invention and I can definetly see some of your designs done up in ink! Ou-la-la! You go girl, and best of the best to you both!
  9. AWESOME Merete!! Gawsh, who wouldnt love to own one of those...or both of those! Really, really wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Rest assured, I will not be stocking the savory flavors! LOL My Daddy's favorite sandwich besides meatloaf was baked beans, sliced onion and best foods mayo and yes, that too was on cheap white bread!
  11. GREAT news Meg!!! It sounds like terrific progress, I'll be thinking of you both today. Stay in touch.
  12. YUM, I'll definetly have to try that Mr Margie and yes, it looks mighty perfect to me except you forgot the raison eyes and the marshmellow mouth! Here is a link I found to all the wnderful peanut butter flavors. Looks like I have allot of experimenting in my future!
  13. Enjoy!
  14. Lovely!! I have a soft spot for the blue and yellow!!
  15. Yes, Its the cheapest stuff you can get and if you can roll it into a ball you know its the best! I must have the cheap white bread for all my peanut butter sandwiches AND turkey sandwiches.
  16. Oh Meg! My heart aches for you and your precious little fella! He looks like a pretty healthy little guy. I bet he will do great! Personally I would have to break out the good stuff in the medicine cabinet if my little princess Abby was in that position. We will keep you and Tucker in our prayers and YOU take care if YOU right now. XXOO
  17. .....unless you love peanut butter and white chocolate! I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled across all these new peanut butter flavors! Of course I also had to have some marshmellow fluff and cheap white bread to make it all complete! Yummo!
  18. Good golly Miss Meg, you have been a busy busy girl! What a treat to see the fruits if your labor. Thanks for sharing, keep Em' coming!
  19. I usually put it in the center of a heavy book for a few days. (tee hee)
  20. Are ya thinking I may have consumed a bit too much sugar?
  21. Too late Bonnie, I chiseled that morsel off the top right after I took the picture. There may be another within the nucleus. I'll alert you when and IF I ever get thru.
  22. I guess I got a little carried away with my candy scultpure today! It seems my idea to chisel a dolphin out of my big hunk of molded candy has morphed into what looks to be a dragon! bwahahahahaha-ho, ho,ho!;):D
  23. I'll experimate with all your suggestions and report back with a winner or a sculpture of a dolphin. Grocery list 1. More candy 2. Cornstarch 3. Silica pkg 4. Rice 5. Crackers 6. Chisel 7. Hammer