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  1. Thanks Judy and Leslie I'm sure you are right that it is a tension problem. I've have perfect tension in the past, but what puzzles (and frustrates) me so is that it happens after I've tested the stitch on a practice piece, all is great, then during the quilting, the tracks pop up again....nothing has been changed. It is mostly a problem using the SR. Maybe I do need to slow down when going in the 'wrong' direction!! I'll try that today. Thanks again. Barb O'Melia Crossroads Quilting
  2. I'm hoping that there is a way to solve this ongoing problem with my Millennium. I understand that the machine likes best to go left to right and top to bottom (from the front), but I often get sporadic 'railroad tracks' top or bottom when going the 'wrong' way. If I adjust the tension to get rid of the tracks I get ugly loose stitches going the 'right' way. I have checked everything I know to do - top and bottom tensions, new needles, checked for burrs everywhere I can think of, visually checked for timing, cleaned, oiled etc., etc. She is a great machine, taking any thread I want to use, bu
  3. Here's hoping someone can help me with suggestions on dealing with a folded loose border. The quilt, which is 108x108, wonderfully pieced and flat has four borders, the innermost is an inch wide, folded flange opening toward the outside of the quilt. I have only had one other similar quilt and had a problem with flange not wanting to lay flat after quilting. This will be a custom job and not an all over. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi All I have a wonderful quilt in house - bright and happy with parrot fabric - and wavy borders! Any tips for dealing with it would be greatly appreciated. It has two borders with mitered corners and a 1/4" loose, folded inner border. She is the first customer to send a second quilt and I don't want to dissapoint her Thanks in advance for your help Barb Millennium Alburtis PA
  5. We have recently found out that we will be moving from East Tennessee to North of Philadelphia near Allentown. The move is being handled by a relocation company and the machine will be handled by the appliance company that readies washers, etc for moving. Does anyone have any tips/ stories to share about moving a LA.? After a rough start, my Millenium and I are getting along GREAT and I am concerned about anything that might happen to change that - especially any damage to the tracks or table. I have the box for the head, so feel pretty ok about it. My business had just started to take off
  6. Do they work on a SR Millennium ??- I'm all for whatever makes her run better
  7. I have just recently started to try out my extended base and do some straight line quilting. When I slide it onto the machine, the left front side seems to sit higher than the right front side. So when I am using the acrylic guide and push down on it , the opposite end raises up, catches the guide and sometimes prevents the machine from moving forward. I'm not using any extreme pressure to hold things in place. It seems pretty simple so I think I'm putting it on correctly....what am I doing wrong??
  8. It is my understanding that the Edge Rider Wheels cannot be used on a stitch regulated Millennium. I have found that getting the wheels adjusted and balanced correctly goes a long way to making the machine run smoothly....that and PPP
  9. As a new LAer I've been doing lots of smaller practice pieces and several charity quilts for my guild. Now I'm noticing that my canvas leaders are stretched out in the middle. I've been pulling them each time I put on a new piece like is shown in Dawn's training video and releasing the tension on the top when it has to stay on the machine overnight. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this or what to do when loading a quilt to compensate for the bowed edges?? Thanks
  10. I'm having the same problem with the stitch regulator running on after stopping. My manual does not have an electronics diagram so I can't tell which of the little blue guys is #8. Can someone help? Thanks in advance Barb O'Melia Millennium Oak Ridge TN
  11. I just feel that I must chime in on the subject of guilds. My husband and I have moved to 5 different cities in the last 13 years and the contacts and friends I have made through guilds and Bees have been a lifeline for me. While the inital coolness is hard to take, I have found that volunteering to take on a guild job helps me get to know people and gets them comfortable with me. When we moved here 3 years ago, I joined the local guild and after a while took on the job of guild librarian and am also working on the 2005 Show Committee. My Millennium just arrived in Sept 04 and I have not real
  12. Hi Robin I've had my Millennium for a little over 2 1/2 months and was having major frustration from the same problem of not being able to make smooth curves and feeling that it was jerky especially with the SR on. After talking to Dawn and Bob at Houston, I came home and readjusted my wheels. The two on the front of the machine were not equally aligned...what a difference!Also, since I'm only 5'2" I built a platform that is about 4" high to stand on at the front of the machine. Now, I have much better control and can see where I'm going. This morning I did some free motion feathers tha
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