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  1. PS -- I can't believe I failed to add this information: the machine is located in central Illlinois, in the Springfield, Bloomington, Champaign, and Mattoon area. Edit: I found I could add this information to my original post.
  2. SOLD! Due to downsizing & moving, I will not have space to keep my machine and I need to sell it. I bought it at the 2009 November Houston Quilt Festival. It has: 10 foot table Bliss Glide Motorized Feed Thread Cutter LED lighting Free-standing turbo Bobbin Winder Several notions that I have purchased will be included in the sale -- a few rulers, cone thread, many extra bobbins and some extra bobbin cases, pantographs, quilting books & videos. After buying this machine, I moved approximately one year later and I changed from a 12' table to the 10' table / frame and upgraded at that time to Bliss. (I still have the 12' canvases & rollers but did not keep the extra parts to change it back to a 12' frame.) I am looking for a serious buyer and I am listing this machine for $10,000, cash & carry. I prefer pick-up as to shipping. I will be moving within a month approximately and need to get this machine sold. It has not been used very much and is in virtually perfect condition. Angela Huffman, APQS representative from Louisville, KY, is my friend and she is the rep who handled the sale for me. Located in central Illinois - near Springfield, Bloomington, Champaign, and Mattoon. Contact me at: connie.h1203@gmail.com THE MACHINE HAS BEEN SOLD!!!
  3. I want to let the APQS staff know that I love my Bliss upgrade.
  4. I now live in central Illinois, moving here in October from SW Indiana. We still have snow on the ground from the most recent one. I am the odd one who does like winter but I am ready for the snow to cease, at least for a while. I would like to meet some quilters in this area. Due to a schedule conflict I couldn't attend the recent APQS thing in Peoria, otherwise I would have been there. Happy Wednesday. Connie H
  5. I test drove Bliss both at Chicago a week ago and then again Thursday in Paducah...and ordered it.
  6. I decided just this morning to go tomorrow (Thursday) for the day. I got back Sunday from the Chicago show so had not planned to go to Paducah this year. Then, changed my mind. Now I can have another 'test drive' of Bliss. I did try it out at Chicago and Jim showed me the new rails, etc. I thought I had had my fill of quilt show crowds but obviously not.
  7. Yes, Abby made the quilt too. I gave her some charm squares and she arranged them, sewed them together, and I cut some black (her choice) for the sashings which she sewed. She did all the longarm quilting (her first one). I machine sewed the binding on the front and she did the hand sewing to finish the back. She's 11 years old and in the sixth grade. To finish my bragging, I will also share that she plays violin and is coming right along with that as well, having started at age 4. My sweet granddaughter and I are VERY CLOSE buds as I was her babysitter from when she was 7 weeks old and kept her until she started kindergartern. She is a joy indeed, as are all my other 7 grands, of course! Thanks to everyone for you lovely comments. I will be sure to share them with her.
  8. Thanks for the comments Abby is going to be petite like her Grammie is and she was quilting on a tiny step stool. She would stop and move it as needed. I wish I'd gotten a picture of that.
  9. I am rusty on this forum, been too long since I've used it. Anyway, I got the pictures loaded (found the forum for photos.) Thanks for the help.
  10. ... and the finished quilt she machine pieced and quilted by herself. I did the rotary cutting and helped her load the quilt on the Millie; also I machine sewed the binding on but she did the back side by hand.
  11. Making one last attempt to upload photo of my 11-YO granddaughter's first quilting experience on my Millie. I reduced the photo size to see if it will upload.
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