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  1. I've just added 4 pictures. Let me know if there is something specific that you want pictured. Please ask any questions you have.
  2. Well cared for 2003 APQS Millennium for sale. Has a 14 foot table, a 26 inch neck, auto stitch regulator, lower thread cutter, laser pointer, horizontal and vertical lock. Automatic Quilt Advance with foot pedal. 3 sets of zippers to attach the fabric to the fabric leaders, new pantograph pattern cover on the table. Included are several packages of needles, some spare parts, washers etc, machine oil 33 metal bobbins some with thread on them 12 aluminum bobbins partial box of white prewound bobbins, most of a full box of prewound bobbins of sand dollar thread and 6 prewound
  3. Along with Caron’s question about favorite pantos, what are your easy basic pantos for charity quilts? I like to do pantos but of course, I want something fast and easy. Caron, one of my current customer favorites is Whirlygig from Willow Leaf Studios, also Deb’s Swirls from Deb Geissler and Oriental Cloud by Keryn Emmerson. Whirlygig interlocks really well and that has become my top criteria with I look for pantos to buy. I buy most of my pantos from the Pattern Station.
  4. I prefer to bury my knots but I use a “magic” needle. Also called an Easy Threading needle by Dritz. It has a slot at the top of the needle to pull the threads through. I try to bury as I go since I’ve caught the ends in the next quilting and have had to work to get them loose. Catherine Nevada, IA
  5. I love my New Home Memory Craft 6000! New Home is now Janome. My machine is almost 25 years old. Never been in the shop for any work. It does so well, I can?t justify updating. But I keep looking and drooling and the newer Janomes. I?ll stay with them when I do get a new one someday. Catherine
  6. I almost exclusively do pantos. I like them. I use both hands on the handles, keep my elbows close to me, plant my feet at about shoulder width and sway my whole body taking small steps to the left as I go. I also always go back to the right to start the next row. Unless it?s the very first row and I need to fill a few stitches along the edge. Then I do those as I head back to the right. And like Joann said, don?t worry if you?re not exactly on the pattern line. I watch what I?m doing and make tiny corrections for the next pass. For example, ?oh, that leaf needs a shaper point? sort of
  7. Thanks for all the help!!! As it so happens, my husband flies RC! In fact we built our house where we did because he can walk out of the garage and onto a flying field we maintain in the meadow in front of the house! I?ll give him the old piece and let him go get it for me. He?ll enjoy the excuse to visit our local Radio Control flying store. (I bought him a helicopter for Christmas). The WD40 hint will also be very helpful. I?ve tried to push the current piece on tighter but it?s near impossible. Thanks Everyone! Catherine PS: when he gets the tubing, I?ll post any identifying si
  8. Hi, I tried a couple of searches but didn?t find what I wanted. On my Millennium, the bobbin spindle has a rubber tube on it that the bobbin slides on to. It?s coming off when I pull my filled bobbin off. I?m wondering if I need to replace it and what to ask for and hints on how to get the tube on. TIA Catherine
  9. This morning I?m working on a charity quilt. You know, those small ones that are given to women?s abuse shelters or the sheriff?s department to carry with them. It got me to wondering what easy, fast pantos you like to use. One that I like is Popcorn by Jodi Beamish. It?s not very dense so it goes fast and it?s wide so I cover a good area before having to advance the quilt. For those quilts that are a panel with borders added I often just do a meander. Of course, if it?s for a charity auction, I spend time on it so it will hopefully bring more money. Which pantos have you found are goo
  10. First let me say that?s it partly my fault. She?s a regular customer and her backs have always been plenty large. (the one I just finished for her has almost 8 inches on each side!) But when I went to load the machine last night the back was the SAME SIZE AS THE TOP! After sitting there and stewing for a few minutes, I decided that since I was negligent and hadn?t measured the back when she brought yhr quilt, I would try to do something about it. Fortunately, it?s a baby quilt so it?s easy to handle. I sewed 4inch strips of muslin on each side and used those to pin the quilt to the machi
  11. Keep in mind that the manufactures will make different grades of fabric. You might see the ?same? fabric at Ben Franklins as your LQS but the Ben Franklin fabric will be poorer quality, therefore a lower price. I see that a lot here and make my purchases with that in mind depending on the end use. And of course the cheap fabric at JoAnn?s is just that CHEAP fabric.
  12. I know that I have a couple of Patriotic quilt tops coming in soon. I?ve used Linda Taylor?s Stars and Loops several times and really like it but I wondered if there was another panto I should take a look at. Any suggestions for Patriotic Pantograghs?
  13. Inquiring minds what to know? Do you have a daily start up routine for you machine? Do you always oil the bobbin race or do you let your machine ?warm up?? What makes your machine work best for the days? quilting?
  14. The headlight flashlight is a wonderful thing for many areas! One of the more unique ways I?ve used it is when we?ve been away from home and I needed to take my dog outside after dark! Besides freeing my hands to hang on to my beloved Hannah, it?s a help when I pick up after her! These things have many uses.
  15. I would love to see some pictures of it. My husband is also very wonderful with things like that ? all I would have to do is show him a picture!
  16. Darlene, I was so sorry to see that you not be teaching at MQS any more. I took two of your classes at MQS 2004 and really enjoyed them. I felt your classes, by themselves, were worth going to MQS! : ) Would the upgrade CD be available to me since I have your class CD?
  17. Thank You! All good information and things to think about. Thanks for the pictures, they're very helpful! Catherine
  18. A older gentleman approached me at church on Sunday and asked if I could finish a quilt top for him. His wife passed away suddenly last spring. I asked what he needed doing and he told me it was a cross stitched top. It?s completed and he would like to have it quilted for his daughter. I?ve never even thought about machine quilting a cross stitched top. Anyone have thoughts on what I should look for or thoughts on how to do it? I haven?t seen the top yet.
  19. Thanks everyone. I?ve got lots of things to think about and really good suggestions. The affirmation of what I?m worth is good, too! I think I?ll quote her a price per hour with a minimum charge. I have a minimum charge for longarming, so I should for this too. I really appreciate everyone who took time to read my post and those who shared their thoughts. Thank you! Catherine
  20. The sister-in-law of a good friend contacted me today about putting together a quilt for her. She has the blocks pieced and needs the sashing and borders put on then quilted. This a quilt she started in 1991 and she would like to get it finished ? just not by her! I need an idea of what to charge her. I haven?t seen it but if it?s truly ready for sashing and borders it shouldn?t take too long to put together (12 blocks). I?m thinking of quoting her $25.00 - $50.00 to finish the piecing. She?ll probably also need the backing prepared. Then I would quilt it using my usual fee. What do
  21. I've been reading through the archieves and haven't come across the answer to my question. When doing the circles on a quilt block where one circle is off set a little from the next one and they create a sort of flower look - how do you secure your thread ends between the circles? I assume with the large templates like clam shell that you secure your thread on each side but I'm curious about the middle designs. Is it such that you do it like any other time? I pull both ends to the top, tie a square knot and bury the threads. Catherine
  22. Wow, Carol! that's organized! Thanks for the ideas. I think I'm headed in the right direction with my plastic drawers. Thanks.
  23. I needed to purchase a green thread today that I didn?t have for a customer quilt. And it occurred to me as I was looking through my threads to double check that didn?t have what I was ordering, that I should figure out a way to organize my threads. (currently they?re plastic drawers sort of by color) How do you keep track of your threads? I?m considering several ideas and thought I?d see what everyone else is doing.
  24. Thank you to everyone who responded! I'll keep wiping it up and I will check to see if I have oil pooled inside. Catherine