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  1. I did contact the designer of the fabric line, but still waiting to hear back. The heart pattern isn't the one for this fabric line. The name of the line is Follow Your Heart, but it's not a heart quilt. It's unclear if it was something a shop came up with or Moda pattern. Most manufacturer's do have freebie patterns for popular lines of fabric. I was hoping it was one of these. My friend is just unable to articulate or remember. I did find a partial picture on Etsy, but no luck on seeing the whole quilt or finding a pattern. If I could find a pic, I would just copy it so it looks simi
  2. Hi all. Thought I would check and see if anyone knows of a pattern for the Moda line "Follow Your Heart." A friend sent me a kit without a pattern. She wants me to make the quilt but I have no idea what the original quilt looks like. She has had a stroke and can no longer sew and bought the fabric several years ago. Her speech is impaired so she's not able to be much help. I've looked on Etsy, Pinterest, eBay, Moda, and the designer's (Kathy Schmitz for Moda) site. Found one partial picture, but that's it. Anyone remember this quilt or pattern? I would love to do this for her but don'
  3. Here's the list: PANTOGRAPHS FOR SALE: All are in good condition. Some are new, never used or opened. Listing by type, designer, size. FLORALS: Flower Rumpus Hermione Agee 13.5” Sunflowers Willow Leaf 10” Dancing Tulips Norma Sharp 5.25” Feathered Garden #3 Willow Leaf 12.75” New Delhi #2 Patricia Ritter 10.25”
  4. Hi all, Looking for a used George for a friend. Would be great if it was anywhere near So. Cal, but not a deal breaker if it's not. Please e-mail me if you have one to sell! Contact info. is merryjo2003@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  5. Please contact me with info., I have a friend looking for a used George. Cell 760-212-2523
  6. It doesn't mean you can't work freehand on a 30 inch throat. My point was the 30 inch throat with a computer system would be awesome, especially of the majority of my business was computer based! If I wasn't able to get a computer system with a machine and my business was going to be freehand and hand-guided only, it would be a waste of space for me as I'm not tall enough to reach to the back. It all depends on what style of quilting you do and how you're going to set up your business. If you're mostly doing computer based work I would definately get the 30. I think it would speed up the
  7. You're correct that the fewer advances, the less time you spend on a quilt, as that's a more efficient way to work. How much time that actually saves may not be a huge amount, but it all adds up. That being said, it also depends on the density of the design you are quilting. Same is true if you're hand-guided. I've done pantos that take maybe 8-10 minutes across a quilt and some that take almost an hour, both freehand or computer. That's why all pantos are not the same price and are also priced by sq/inch. I've quilted some dense pantos were it's taken a very long day to finish one queen
  8. Hi all! I’m selling my pantos as I’ve added Quilt Path about a year ago. Slow, but finally willing to give them up. There are 72 pantos, total. It’s a variety that I’ve used for a business for years. Some haven’t even been used. I have a Millie, but the sizes vary. I would like to sell them as a group. At $7 per panto, the total would be $504. That’s less than half of their original price. Great way for someone new to start your business! Listing all for $500. I’m also adding 2 rulers, one for rope (still in package), one for diamond designs. I’ll pay shipping US (only) shipping. Put thi
  9. I get quilts from all over, including out of the country. They pay the shipping to and from. I add shipping w/insurance (required by me for outgoing) to my invoice. You can email and request payment before shipping. I'm so busy I just add it to the invoice and mark them paid when I receive a check or cc payment after they receive the quilt. So far, never had a problem with receiving payment, but it isn't the best way to handle these things. It would be easy for someone to "forget" to pay you and then you would have to consider your recourse. It may cost you more to go after them for pay
  10. I use Intuit for or Paypal for credit card payments. Most of my customers pay via check (never got a bad one, so far) or cash. Mostly, I got the chip reader for a yearly craft fair for convenience but use it with my customer quilting also. Works just like the square. There are charges, but the convenience is worth it.
  11. I tell people, rule of thumb, queens start at $1000 for commission quilts. Price goes up or down depending on size of quilt and complexity of the design. That's usually enough to stop them. I don't like working for nothing for people who have NO clue of the amount of time and expense that goes into a quilt. I had one guy ask me why it was so expensive as it was "just sewing." So I educated him on the costs and hours asked him what he made per hour at his job. Then I asked him if he had the equipment, time, or skills to do it himself, because I would be happy to charge him to quilt and bind it
  12. "Road Trip" by Melanie Caldwell, on sale today at Digi-tech. Really cute. It's a retro trailer with flowers and swirls. Haven't seen one being pulled buy a car. I have seen several love bug cars however. Search transportation or travel.
  13. They can be very convincing. I always tell them I'll have to call the company back and do not use any number they give me. Sometimes I just play along, like I really believe them. I figure, they are wasting my time, so I'll waste theirs. The time I lead them around my their nose is less time they'll have to scam someone else! Sometimes I just feel like messing with people for doing this. Then I lower the boom on them and tell them "Thanks for playing!" One guy threatened to kill me! (I told him he had a long way to go since he was calling from the Carribean!) Also told me to bring it o
  14. I usually do these from the front. Don't have many problems with them. One word of caution, the needle will make a permanent hole in the plastic so be sure where you're going! If you change your mind and remove any stitches, the holes will stay and show.
  15. I made both of these quilts also. Here's what I did to the Tardis. I have to wrestle the Dalek away from my husband and take some pics for you. Will do tomorrow morning.
  16. We figured out the problem! Need to replace the circuit board so everything can communicate. Boy did I get that first panto done in a hurry running in manual mode! Hahaha!
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