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  1. when moving arm, the "thump" is every 2 inches or so. pretty sure it is a flat spot. has anyone ever taken a wheel off a sprocket?
  2. I noticed a slight bump when moving the machine laterally. I can detect a flat spot in one of the wheels that has a brake. Someone most have push the machine when I had the brake on and here I am! Can I remove the sprocket from the wheel and get a replacement wheel? How is that achieved? I appears glued on tight. Any help?
  3. Well, we took delivery of our Millie last week and what a gem! It wil take some time to learn, but what an adventue. So, what are some must have periodicals we should be getting on a monthly basis to help us along the way? And a side bar topic of how do you get the thread off the floor in a fast and easy fashion??
  4. In planning our room, I need to know the length of the power cord so I can place an electrical outlet in a convenient location. Any help?
  5. thanks for the ideas and comments on the topic of lighting the quilting room. I have decided to go with the flourescent lights. A south facing window will help light the room during the day. We can always add something different as we go long.
  6. We are setting up our room to have ready for our new quilting machine. We are wondering what is the best type of lighting to use? Should we use track lighting in the ceiling, fixed lighting with 'natural light' flourescent light, or what? What has worked best for you to avoid shadows or any other visual obstacles when doing your quilting? We look forward to hearing from you.
  7. Thanks for the warm response. We are really looking forward to this adventure. We we post our progress, ups and downs as we go along for the ride.
  8. Hey there! After some research, and with hope and anticipation, my wife Pat and I have ordered a Millenium (for fun and profit!) Realizing it is work, we are in the process of converting our lower living space to a sewing room and a room for the longarm. I have been reading your chats for some time and have learned a lot of great information. You all have answered many questions we had and given us some good ideas to assimilate into our business when we start going "big time". Thanks
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