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  1. When I checked out the forum this morning, I was greeted with an image of a woman's cleavage instead of the "join us on Facebook" image. I was not signed in. As I clicked through the other new posts, the banner changed to other "dating" type sites. Just thought I would give someone a heads-up since I am sure most of us view the site while signed in and may not be aware of the problem. Have a great day.
  2. Am I the only one who clicked on this story to see what a Bliss Camel is? LOL. I think I need to clean my glasses.
  3. Thanks, Shirley and Dawn. I was doing it correctly, it just looked wrong. Dawn, thanks for the pdf file. That was very helpful.
  4. Ok. I have had my machine for years and just got it back from a spa treatment. I noticed that it was threaded differently than I had been threading it. Well, in my brilliance, today I was stitching on a scrap after I oiled the bobbin and, wouldn't you know it, I forgot to tie on a new spool of thread. I have it threaded the way I used to thread it, but I really think that when I got it back that the thread was threaded differently somehow. Does anyone have a picture of the thread path. I have searched this forum and Google to see images of the path and cannot find any. Thanks.
  5. I recently got mine back from a spa treatment and M&M wheels being installed. I have to say that I did not realize how much I dreaded quilting before. I was constantly fighting the machine. I love, love, love it now. It moves so easily and I must have not known how to set my tension just right, because it is nearly perfect now. You will be thrilled.
  6. I have used Kirk's Castile Soap to wash my hair for about a year now. It was kind of sticky feeling at first. I rinsed with vinegar/water, but since my shower is in my unfinished basement, I didn't enjoy rinsing my hair with the cold vinegar water mixture. I don't rinse with vinegar, but still use the Castile soap. My hair is very soft and naturally curly. The best part is that there are no chemicals.
  7. I just got my Millennium back from its spa treatment and set her back up today. Wowser, what a difference. I think that I must have got a different machine. (not really). I had the M&M wheels put on to boot. I would highly recommend them. I can actually make the machine go where I want it to go. My tension is great, too. I had been fighting the tension for years. It wasn't cheap, but WELL worth every penny. Thanks, APQS for your awesome service. I am excited to quilt again.
  8. I scared my grandbaby laughing so hard. Thanks for the laugh.
  9. When I read biodegradable, I thought they would just vanish in 9 months. LOL. Must be a silly day.
  10. Be sure to post photos when you get it finished. I am sure it will be wonderful.
  11. Such a beautifully colored dog. She looks like a sweetie pie.
  12. Very nice use of a small space. Proof that you don't need a large studio to turn out great work.