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  1. I finished the quilt. I have it washing right now. I am mailing to to my son tomorrow. The two batting's worked out really well, I can't wait to make me one with two batting's LOL! Man it was nice. I didn't have to use a spray, nor did I have to move my foot which I was very happy about. I don't think I would of tried the two batting's if it wasn't for my son wanting it done that way. I am very happy he pushed mom just a bit more to try something new. If I have batteries I will take a picture and post it. Thank you all, Kim C
  2. Thanks, I will try that. I thought I had heard a few people do the two layers but I just wanted to check before I tried it. I appreciate the quick response. Kim C
  3. Hello All, It has been a while since I posted I have been busy piecing and quilting. I have had a request from my son who is over seas and he would like me to do two batting's. I have a cotton poly Heirloom and a poly. I was going to put the cotton on the bottom next to the backing and use some spray to help hold it in place while i put the poly on top. Has anyone done this? Do I need a different needle also? TIA Kim C
  4. I also put up a design wall with the foam 4x8 sheets. I tried a 3M spray glue to hold them up but we live in Arkansas and it is very humid and it has started to pull away from the wall. Since I was just setting up a new sewing room I wasn't positive that was where I wanted to keep the wall I haven't screwed them down yet but I think that will be the best route. The glue I used to spray on the foam board to hold the batting which I am not sure what kind it is. It was seperate pieces I had found on sale and it is thicker and denser than my hobs which I think is still fine but it isn't sticking v
  5. It took me forever to name my machine. I wanted to name her so she would take after her name. So I finally named her about a month ago. It is Serenity. I hope she lives up to it LOL!
  6. I have a binding machine I use it for the utility quilts. I wouldn't recommend it for a really nice quilt but every day utility is fine. I have a taksew machine with binder attachment. I think with nice oak table and machine /binder it was 1,000 or a bit under. I really don't remember exactly right now. You can find used ones that will work just fine for this. It kills my hands to sew on by hand. I only do it for my nice quilts / wall hangings ect. Do a search on ebay also. You can use any DMS or get an industrial machine. Juki makes tacsew also. Both are great. I think Linda Lawson has
  7. I sent in my very strong complaint as well. I had also heard that fons's and porter and america sews with sue will also not be renewed or back on. Has anyone else heard this one as well? I think someone needs to just start our own quilting and sewing channel LOL!
  8. I have heard a lot of really good reports about the Machine Quilters Business Manger. I was hoping I would get some type of support on the Business Suite software but I would have to rate it as a very low to no support. LOL! I will check out the Machine Quilters software. Thanks
  9. I haven't quite started up my business yet but last year I bought the Business Suit program and I really liked the concept of it. Since it is designed for longarm quilting. My only problem is finding decent support for it. I am very disappointed in it so far. I was told that end of Sept they would have an update or patch available and that I would be on the list to receive it but that hasn't happened. I was hoping after spending that kind of money that they would back it up. I am not sure what I will be switching to if they do not do something fairly soon. I am finally able to start painting
  10. Jean, Can you use the CL with out a stitch regulator easily and with good results? I really would like to do an upgrade to get a stitch regulator but I also want to get the CL one costs a few thousand and the other under or close to 1,000. Thanks,
  11. Oh to funny! Tina this wasn't about a customer at the house but I remember I took in a little gal who is now one of my daughters only cause she has lived with us for a very long time. Anyway we were at a Hardy's and this lady came out of the bathroom and Tara and my son were cracking up laughing so hard they were almost crying. I said whats wrong they pointed at the lady in front of us who still the the toliet paper attached to back of her pants. I thouhgt I was going to wet my pants laughing so hard and then..... Tara reaches over and taps the lady on the shoulder and says mam........ here y
  12. I always think I never have enough fabric. One bolt of each would be a good start I think. Even when I was in Jr high school I remember I couldn't wait till school was out to go to to this guys house that lived down the road that sold fabric by the pound out of his garage, and the local sprouse ritz I thinkt thats the name of it. What I hate is I get into a fabric store and so much fabric and you can only buy so much what is a girl to do? I have the hardest time deciding LOL!
  13. They also have silicon that you can spray on your thread well its like oil you drip it on and it helps a lot with any type of thread. I have used that. It's and easy fix to some problems with tread breaking and fraying.
  14. Oh man that is sooo pretty I would be glad I didn't piece that either. LOL! I can only imagine how time consuming it was to make that. I can't wait to see pictures quilted. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Man I just love those great job. Thanks for sharing pictures. I love that puppy sooooo cute.
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