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  1. This has been very interesting. Just to clarify- it is the carriage rails the machine runs on, not the table frame that I would take to have anodized? Thanks for the info! Susie B.
  2. I bought my Millie when I retired in 2004, and I love it. I have since taken a computerized class and purchased an IQ which I also love. I notice that when I am in manual mode, things seem a little 'heavy' moving the machine. I do have the Edgewriter wheels and am drooling over Bliss. Can I install the Bliss with having IQ mounted on the machine? Thanks for any advice. I did see the post about trying to replace with the M&M wheels. Would that make that much difference?
  3. I really appreciate the input gals! This gives me a bit of confidence to to this. I have only quilted about 350 quilts and I still feel like a novice!
  4. Have any of you ever quilted a fleece back with a minkee top? I had a new client call and ask for a throw size, but I have never done the two at once and only quilted a minkee once. Any ideas or cautions? Thanks so much,
  5. Linda, I agree with what the other girls have said about the quilting. It looks so great! How many hours a day do you find yourself quilting? Thanks for reminding all of us to take a step back and not be so hard on ourselves. Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. This is a beautiful quilt! Congratulations on your work. Susie B
  7. I join all the other gals in congratulating you on your beautiful work. So wonderful to know it was appreciated! Susie B.
  8. I too have not posted hardly at all, but I want to thank all of those who have! I have learned so much from reading these posts. I have had my Millie for about 3 years. I feel like I learn things every time I'm quilting. I still consider myself a novice. I do try to do my best on each quilt. My customers seem to appreciate what I do. The hard part is to not sit here for hours reading everything! The plan was for my husband to join me in quilting. He was letting me "learn and get the bugs out" before he started. Unfortunately he suddenly passed away from pancreatic cancer in June. (Around M
  9. Good for you to "step on out". Your friend will appreciate having such a nice cheery parting gift!:D
  10. Heidi, Thanks so much for posting pictures of both your quilt and the base! I haven\'t jumped into the "heirloom quilting" ring yet, and it made me almost drool. I still don\'t understand how you could have so much control as to not use rulers, but I learn so much from reading all that you gals are so willing to share. I appreciate it all! You are all the best! Susie B
  11. Dawn, THANK YOU for explaining the reason why "dog-ears" happen! I have been wondering why since I'm trying to be so careful. I too am so thankful that we "young'uns" can access all you experienced quilters and teachers! Sue
  12. All good suggestions! Another thing I do is quilt for veterans or a QOV when I don't have a paying customer. That way I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile in "down" time.
  13. This looks fantastic! I could have used it so many times! When will it be available at APQS and how much will it cost? I checked out the web site, but I can't read the language. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!
  14. How about a GMFG with a twist? You could leave out the background (pathway) for part of it (like a bunch of flowers together), and then add the path for the other part of the quilt. It would be fun making it all come together! Sue B.
  15. I am sure you have such a sense of accomplishment for finally finishing your DH's quilt! I love your colors and pattern, and your quilting is wonderful! I bet your DH is very proud to have this!
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