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  1. I'm sorry! I see that my avatar has gone away. I'm not going to try to fix it. This forum is too hard to use and not user-friendly. Love y'all!
  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! I'm so excited! DH and I drove to Carroll, Iowa, to get Mille's spa treatment, and we brought back the Bliss upgrade! We spent a day and a half at the factory, and everyone there was so nice to us! I just love Amy, and she loves her job! The weather co-operated, and we didn't have much hinderance from the storm. Merry Christmas, everyone!!
  3. Thanks, Deb. I might take that maintenance class while I am there! How much do they charge for it? Ann
  4. How long does it take to get the spa treatment? Is it something I have to leave the machine for, or could I drive it there and wait while they do it?
  5. What is the cost for sending my 2003 Millennium in to the company for maintenance? Does that include shipping? Ann
  6. I have a friend who is looking to buy a used Millennium, around a 2000 - 2005 model, with a stitch regulator and a 12 foot table. No fancy extras. What can she expect to pay for such a machine from a private individual? Thanks, Ann
  7. Wow!! I will be making a t-shirt quilt in the near future for my square dance club! I wasn't looking forward to just a plain t-shirt quilt. This is a fabulous idea! Now that I've seen this, I'm sure I could come up with other ideas I never thought of! Thanks for posting! Ann
  8. I am looking to buy a used Topper circle maker. I will accept the older wooden disc model. Frame must fit on Millennium. Reasonable price, please. Georgia, U.S.A. Please send me a U2U message. Thanks! Ann
  9. Thanks for your reply, Linda. I went back and messed with it again and it seems I've gotten it fixed. I put it all back together and put a practice "sandwich" on the machine, and all seems to be working fine.
  10. I was having skipped stitches, getting worse and worse. After doing everything else, I have started trying to time the machine. The hook rotation was a little off so I loosened the 3 set screws on the backside of the hook. There are two parts that are now loose and I have no clue how to get them both in the right position. Are there any techies working on a Sunday afternoon? Ann
  11. I've been considering the Bliss upgrade and wondered about the Hartley Fence. I love the HF and use it a lot. I like the large circles. Do you think my machinist husband could make the modifications on the HF if I upgrade?
  12. I did this with a quilt I made and tied before I got my Millie. It had 2 fat batts and was tied with yarn, more like a comforter. I used the yarn ties as the centers for circles with the HF and it came out great! I left the ties in it.
  13. Now that you've had your Bliss upgrade for awhile, especially you Millennium owners, do you still like it? Was it worth it? Is it really that much better than before? Any problems with the CL or the Hartley Fence?
  14. I don't like keeping the pantos rolled because they are hard to unroll and slide under the plastic, so I devised a way to store them flat, as shown in this picture. I put up a curtain rod on the wall, used 2" S-hooks and 1" binder clips.
  15. Patty, that is what I'm talking about, but when I go to the main page and click on Newsletter, all I get is a place to sign up for the Newsletter. If I do that, then I will get it at both addresses. I suppose then I can unsubscribe at my old address...