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  1. Great! The net message is that Ulti I is a good place to start, and that the company and it's loyal community of quilters stand ready to help. Now, we are looking at the rest of the market to get an idea of what price we should be paying, and one question remains: Is Intellistitch stitch regulation a highly desirable accessory for these machines? It seems that for the Ulti I, the regulator would provide a set of handles (if for no other thing than to make a spot for the push-buttons) the ability to choose to have the needle finish up or down, and the basic regulation functions. If we think that regulation is the way to go, then the machine's final price is really the initial price plus the cost of the regulator, putting us above $6,000. At that point, we have to consider what other kinds of used machines are available for $6,000-7,000, not just the $2,000-4,000 that the bare machine costs. Opinions? Thanks, sjt
  2. I have one more important topic for a used Ulti I: what are the key things to evaluate on a well-used machine--what should be on my checklist for potential or common wear points. Here are some that I anticipate: 1. Are the wheels and tracks absolutely clean, smooth, and true as you move the machine around? 2. Do all of the lubrication points show signs of being used regularly (what lube points should we look at)? 3. Does the machine run smoothly at all speeds? 4. Is the table in good condition 5. ??? Thanks again, sjt
  3. Thanks for the quick reply--what you said is what I expected from reading the AQPS literature and these boards. Anyone else care to share Ulti I experience? Thanks again.
  4. Does anyone have experience with the Ultimate I from Iowa Quilting Ltd., which is at the same address at AQPS in Carroll, IA? I assume from its appearance and address that the Ultimate I must be an AQPS machine. The machine is said to have been bought at a state fair demonstration about 20 years ago. It has a 14-foot wooden bed, and has been in home use since that time. I have several questions: 1. Is it a reliable machine? 2. Are there parts and service available from APQS and its network of dealers? 3. What do I give up by not buying a more modern machine? 4. What is the approximate price that such machines go for? 5. Is this a good place to start with long-arm quilting without parting with an arm and leg? Thanks for any and all advice. sjt