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  1. It was sad to hear that the girls went missing, and now this is such a tearful/sad siutation. I send Prayers of comfort to the families of these two children . . . Marilynn
  2. Now that hurts, but you handled the situation well . . . Marilynn
  3. my guild did the same as Kathy and her guild, plus we never had so many who were willing to practice/learning free motion quiltings techniques. so we had a pizza party, spent about three hours together getting to know each other better, learned and shared and the animals had something warm and cushy to sleep on and the shelter staff were all happy. Members who did not participate in the processed, but had practice peices at home brought them in to be serged and/or just gave the fabric and the batting. It all worked out great and didn't cost anyone any great deal of funds, just a few hours of socializing :cool: Marilynn
  4. Now that is just beautiful quilting. I have plans to take two weeks off come June and just play/practice on my Millie, my pieces only, now I hope my pieces look as good as yours. Marilynn
  5. hi Meg: usually we stay over, but this time we are (there's five bqff) are driving in from new york for the show, zooks (we like zooks) and the surrounding fabric stores, our favorite dinner spot, but no adult drinks this time because we have to drive back to new york late saturday evening . . . Marilynn
  6. straight lines it is! your quilt and the quilting is absolutely beautiful . . . Marilynn
  7. beautifully quilted. Love that touch of pink . . .
  8. Jeanne: When Prayers go up, Blessings come down, so ((((((PRAYERS and HUGS))))) to you and yours. Marilynn
  9. Grammie, She just beautiful - there's nothing like a new baby in the family, ENJOY ! ! !
  10. Linzi, your booth is just beatiful. Have fun . . . Marilynn