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  1. Mary Beth, Could you please tell me the name of the panto you used in the center of third picture using the cable templates? It is really pretty! Thanks. Naomi Ames
  2. I sure hope someone can help me with this big problem I am having. I have stitched several rows of pantos across the quilt. I ran out of bobbin thread so stopped to wind some bobbins. When I tried to stitch the next row I can't get the stitch regulator to turn on. As a matter of fact, none of the buttons on the left handle will work. The machine runs fine is manual mode. Any suggestions? I have a quilt that needs to be done by Tuesday, so am willing to try any ideas you may have. You can e-mail me privately if you want. Naomi Millennium lannyandnaomi@earthlink.net
  3. I guess I shouldn't have called them "wevil". Guess they should be called 'moths'. You know, the bugs that chews holes in your wool sweaters and blankets or anything wool. We don't know we have them around until we take the item out to use it and find the little round holes in it someplace. I am not thinking about the immediate time, more what could happen to it in the future yearsif the moths were to get into it. Or am I just worrying about a problem that needn't be worried about? Naomi APQS Millennium
  4. I have read several messaages about floating quilt tops. Can someone please tell me what the advantage of floating is? I have a stack and whack top that needs quilting. I sewed it together on point, with sashings between the squares. I have been procrastinating on quilting it as I am leary of the blocks being on the bias and maybe stretching as I quilt. Would floating the top be the best way to do it? Thanks for your suggestions in advance. Naomi Ames APQS Millennium
  5. Linda, no they didn't say what brand the wool batt was. And of course I wasn't smart enough to print the letter off for future reference. I am new to this chat stuff so guess I wiull learn as I go along. Have learned a lot from all of you gals so far. Keep up the good work!! Naomi APQS Millennium
  6. I read in one of the chat rooms about someone having problems with weivel in their wool batting. Is this a real bad problem? The batting sounds like it would be nice to use, but wouldn't want my hard work to go to dust from the weivel. Would appreciate any feed-back I can get on this. Thanks in advance. Naomi APQS Millennium
  7. Linda, I have setting triangles on the sides of the quilt with straight of grain on the outside edge. Then I attached straight of grain sashing strips next to the triangles, so the outside is stable. I was just worried about the bias of the blocks maybe wrinkling as I quilted. It lays very flat right now just as a top. Thanks to everyone for your help. Naomi Ames Millennium
  8. I have finished piecing a Stack N Whack queen size quilt for my sister. I have put all the blocks on point with sashings between the blocks. I am wondering what I need to watch out for when I set this up for quilting on my Millennium as the blocks are now on the bias. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I am a newbie at the longarm quilting and don't want to make a lot of frogging for myself if I can prevent it. Thanks for your ides and suggestions. Naomi Ames
  9. I need to finish a quilt and thought I would like to try the Quilters Dream batting so many of you have talked about. We can't buy it locally so I will need to order it. Can you tell me which has the most loft- the Quilters Dream cotton/poly or the one made especially for machine quilters? I have really enjoyed all your tips and tricks and beautiful quilt pictures on this forum. Hope someday I can be half as good at quilting as you all are. I have had "Betsy" for only about two months now and am still PPPing. Naomi Ames Millennium
  10. I am wondering if anyone has purchased the Duck Bill clamps? If so, how do you like them and did you buy one set or two? They look like they would do a pretty good job at clamping the quilt for quilting. I'm just a newbie and really enjoy this forum. I have learned a lot so far and am sure the education will continue. Thanks for your time and knowaledge. Naomi Ames Idaho Millennium
  11. Amy: If you could send me some information on your quilts you want made, I may be interested. Where are you located? Naomi
  12. I like the Swifter to pick up my threads on the floor as I have linoleum. But to pick them up from carpeted floors, a new nylon bristled toilet brush really works good. Naomi millinnium
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