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  1. I've owned the zippers now for several years & while I like how they work, something always seem to be a problem. Most recently, I just re-straightened my leaders & when I put my zippers back on, they are wavy. I pinned them on to make sure they were even & straight, but they don't look right on the frame. Are they supposed to lay flat? Why would they be wavy? How can I prevent this? Also, when you suggest zipping the leaders together, how often do you do this? I do it once a month & I haven't found it does anything for me. Thanks! Robin Apqs millennium
  2. Thanks! I started to, but got intimated about taking off the tension discs. For future reference how difficult is it to take off & replace?
  3. Thanks! I spent quite a while with a headlamp & a hemostat & I found the beginning of the thread. From there I was able slowly unwind & unwind & unwind..... well I ended up with a very large pile of thread & a machine that works again!!! Whew- One quilt finished, now onto the next!
  4. Ok, so I've opened the cover & I have removed all the thread I can see, however the machine still won't cycle smoothly & I can't see where the caught threads would be located. It does rotate smoother in reverse however.... Do you have any ideas on how to dig in there deeper to remove caught threads? I'm nervous about removing anything else....
  5. The bobbin area is clear- so I don't think the impedment is in that area....
  6. Hi! I was quilting along happily & I noticed my thread broke, then I noticed it had twisted inside the machine. Now it won't make a full needle up/down revolution. I've taken off the cover & removed the thread, but it still won't make a full cycle which tells me there's still thread caught but as I was using invisible thread, I can't see it. Can anyone provide any help as to how to start to fix this? Thank you!! Robin
  7. That solved the problem! Quilt is finished! I'm off to bed- thank you so much! Robin
  8. Thanks! I tightened it with a pair of pliers. Now to finish ripping out & I'll test it out.
  9. So of course I'm on a tight deadline & of course my machine is acting up. I've got a panto I'm using the laser light with & for some reason, in the middle of stitching the row, the laser light is shifting & I have to rip out half of what I do. I've tightened the laser screw & the long metal piece that screws into the machine & I make sure they are both tight before beginning, but it still moves on me. Does anyone have any ideas? I was able to quilt half this quilt successfully before this chaos began.... Thanks! Robin
  10. Yes! This was it! I went ahead & ordered the part- now to fix the machine & get back to work!
  11. I have a 2012 APQS Millennium. I was working on a quilt yesterday afternoon & came across a thick seam & my needle broke. I replaced the needle (getting all the parts of the broken one), pounded the seam down & went again. Then the machine made a screeching sound & became stuck. Turns out the new needle broke & came out. Now the needle bar won't even go up & down. Turned the machine off & on again. Turned on with a screeching sound that wouldn't stop. I uncapped the flywheel & manually turned it. Took out the bobbin case & all the needle parts &
  12. Thanks! The Triple Stitch is 3 straight lines stitched very close to each other- like 1/16"-1/8" apart. From a distance it looks like one thick line, but when you get close you can see the individual lines & they really add to the effect. Let me see if I can attach a picture with more detail.
  13. I'll take a picture the next time I'm at the shop. I must have been so excited that I forgot to take that picture!
  14. I recently finished a star wall hanging quilt for the piecing classes I teach. I try & use these samples to experiment with new designs & really push myself on the longarm. With this quilt I decided to really push myself & quilt the "bump back" feathers I've been practicing, but haven't actually applied anywhere! Needless to say, I'm very happy with the result! I also use Lisa Sipes' triple stitch design in the white background. Wow that took a long time, but definately worth the work in the end! You can read more about it on my blog. Thanks!
  15. Thanks- I usually bury threads, but considering there would be so many on this quilt, I opted for tiny stitches at the starts & stops.
  16. oooh- that is so pretty! Thanks- I might have to add that to my collection even if it's not used on this quilt.
  17. Yes- she does want to quilt over the applique- it was hard not to encourage custom, but it's a large quilt & she's giving it away. Many people I interact with around here don't want to pay for custom & especially not if the quilt is a gift.
  18. I use Linda Mae Diny's (sp?) of the Calico Kitten circle rulers. Not as many markings as the Handiquilter templates- but she has the size & main cross hairs. I'm very pleased with them.
  19. Just 2- but he was so excited by it last year that it's become a tradition already! & it fits well into our goal of giving only consumables or handmade items. I try to push myself into something I haven't done before as well.
  20. I made a quilt for my husband every Christmas. Sometimes (well, usually) he get's it a day late! This year I decided to master templates on the machine (I did them on my old machine, but hadn't gotten the hang of them on the millie yet) & use those circle templates I bought at MQS last year. So on Christmas Eve at 5pm, I loaded his quilt, said a few choice words, opened up my books & finished Christmas evening. Once I figured out to to start at 7 o clock & go clockwise around the template & to use rubber cement to hold the templates- it worked like a dream. I'm very happy
  21. I have a customer quilt that uses civil war fabrics with an appliqued border. Any suggestions for an appropriate panto? I have Bountiful Feathers by Hermione Agee- this quilt is really outside my "typical" quilt! Thanks!
  22. Thanks everyone! The "flat lining" seems to occur on the bottom, telling me there's something going on with the top thread. I'll still investigate & play around. Thanks!
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