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  1. Thanks Lucy, Cagey and Jim. It is a 2008 Millie; I am it's second owner. I have been stitching happily with it since I acquired it back in May. I have been doing a lot of detail and template work and think all the stops and starts may have caught up with the motor. Yes, Jim I thought I would check the motor brush, knowing that will be something the APQS Techs will want me to check . From what I read in the owners manual there is only one fuse and I changed that. I appreciate the input and hopefully by tomorrow this time a will have a solution in place.
  2. Was busy stitching this morning when without incident the machine just stopped stitching Changed fuse; checked connections; does not stitch in regulator or manual mode: needle up down positioner not working; stitch regulator chirps but no stitching; I'm afraid the motor has died but holding out hope that I have overlooked something simple. I know the folks at APQS will help Monday morning but unti then.... Penny for your thoughts?
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