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  1. Thank you all, I'll see if I can locate it
  2. I purchased my machine in Aug. 2005. My father-in-law died unexpectedly the following month and life went on hold as we were settling his estate etc. Then In Jan. 2006 (my 30th wedding anniversary to be exact), my mother passed away suddenly. My son and his bride had their wedding reception here in our home on Mar. 4th of that same year. It's taken this past year to get things in order once again... Long story short, I did not recieve a video with my machine and in desperate need of a refresher I thought a DVD of the nuts and bolts would be a great help. Maybe I can request/order the video
  3. I posted this under the wrong thread initially So here goes,....Is there a video that shows how to use these wonderful machines, (ie. loading a quilt, set up, and quilting techniques specific to APQS machines)? Similar to Linda Taylor's video on the Gammill? just wondering....
  4. Ah Jody, no worries Sometimes we get so excited we can't wait to share! The more info the better, I say! We were stationed at McChord AFB near you (lived in Puyallup) and it seemed with 6 kids, I was always at Madigan for something! I think they knew me on sight! Wavin' back at ya'!
  5. Thank you for posting this thread! I can think of no better way to help than to donate my meager skills to -"quilt the quilts". I can't wait for the first ones to arrive. You all are so thoughtful to be doing this. As a retired military wife, I can attest to how much your work is appreciated. The kind and thoughtful nature of quilter's never ceases to amaze me. The website, if anyone is interested is www.americanheroquilts.com Happy quilting!
  6. Kathy, Your sister's quilt is amazing! I'm a BIG applique fan and this is some beautiful work! Congratulations to her on being accepted. She's a winner already in my book
  7. Very serene. I love the cool colors. Great Job! Can't wait to see more!
  8. Julie, your work is stunning! I, too, would be hardpressed to let this one go! Outstanding applique work. And your quilting really makes it pop. Congratulations! I am truly humbled
  9. Oh Tammie! What an amazing gift your family has been given! A treasure for all. She is breathtakingly beautiful, as all little girls are. I'm with Sherri, I can smell the babypowder from here! Mother of 6,-and still no grandbabies!! What are they waiting for!?! I'm not getting any younger,-for Pete's sake! Enjoy every minute with her!
  10. Just wonderful! I get an Amish feel about it, due to your lovely color palette. Beautiful feathers! A classic!!
  11. My Milli's name is "Henrietta". One of my favorite chickens Also works well with the name of our business,- Red Hen Quilts. I have 6 grown children, but when they were young, people always said I looked like a mother hen with all her chicks following in lock-step behind her! Doesn't hurt that I also have red hair! Or at least Miss Clairols version these days!!
  12. Amazing accomplishment! Kudos to you!! Can't wait to see the pictures
  13. I'm 'sew very happy' for you! A wonderful idea, Patty, and sounds like a great money maker for your guild! Congratulations and enjoy your spotless home and sewing room
  14. Wondering if the pics are still "out to lunch" or is it just my computer? Tad mentioned the update should have been finished on the 14th or so. Probably Gremlins!
  15. Most use chairs/stools that can be raised or lowered, I think.
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