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  1. Hi .Iam a new quilter and i was wondering if you ladies have trouble when you get all done quilting that the borders look a little puffy. will this go out after it lays flat for a while. or what am I doing wrong it is just around the edges its between the stitches in the borders. any help on this matter would be appreciated. i read this site all the time and have learn alot from you. thank again connie
  2. Thanks for the input but i lived in florida and that would be kinda hard to get them there to have them sell them. right now iam just aking all around they say the word of mouth is the best thing i have put a couple of them on ebay to see how i come out with that. thanks for giving me thoses hints. Connie
  3. I have 10-12 quilts that I have handmade and would like to sell. I was wondering how to go about selling them. I have sizes from crib to queen all that I have pieced . hand and machine quilted myself. I have a shortarm machine right now but want to sell these quilts to get me a bigger machine because I love to quilt. and I really dont know what kind of prices you can get out of quilts have never sold any of them. any suggestions on this would be appreciated. thanks
  4. Hi Iam also thinking of a used machine. dont know if i can go with a new one yet. what kind of prices do the used ones go for ?