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  1. Where the hell were you three years ago when I had to rip out an entire queen size quilt . It took me and my dad 6 months to rip out with a seam ripper. Great tip on skinning a quilt I hope I will never have to do so again but now it's not such a scarry idea to try something new and if I don't like it at least I know and easier way to rip it out. Thanks for the tip. Tina --edit-- oopsie forgot to add smilies to that comment above.
  2. Thank you for the advice. I\'ll let you know how I make out as I go on this journey. It\'s all pretty exciting and reading all the comments from the ladies who let their quilts be photographed for the book makes it seam possible that I too can do this. Wish me luck and I\'ll post pictures of my progress. Tina
  3. Karen thank you so much for my book and the surprise of finding out that you signed it. I was jumping around like a jumping bean and my hubby and kids thought I was going nuts. I love the book and have started designing my first whole cloth. I do wonder though, does the thick batting not get caught because there is no backing while you do the stitching with the water soluble thread? I also would like to know what stitch length do you set your milli at to do the stitching? Do you use different speeds for say the micro stippling as compared to the straight line crosshatching? Sorry about all the questions but I\'d really like to know. Thanks again. Tina Caderma "The Quilt Lady"
  4. Gotta Chime in, I\'m a huge Sharon Schamber fan and have very video, book, pattern and anyting else she recommends simply because what she says works and so long as you follow her process you get the same results every time. Any how that\'s my 2cents worth. Tina in Canada
  5. Funny thing is when I bought my machine from Sue patten back in 05 I looked at what she was doing and said that\'s what I want to do. Well at this point the only reason after 2 years I\'m finally seeing success is because of my DH. He\'s taking on my shecduling, my web site managembent, all the paper work, phone calls and anything else paper related, I get to do the teaching, travelling, trade shows(cool thing is we do the shows together and have a blast, ladies aren\'t used to a knowledgable male behind the machine but he\'s so charismatic that it works wonders for us) I realized I couldn\'t work outside the home and care for family and business so now I do just the quilting and house work, kid\'s help with chores and cooking and it works well for our family. Bottom line is you gotta try and when something is not working try something else. Eventually you find what works for you. Tina
  6. chip board then warm and natural then heat n bond heavy then 10 oz cotton canvas. It has to be cotton canvas every thing else is too light weight. any questions give me a call and I can walk you through it. Since switching to this board I use it for all my pressing. Tina
  7. Okay here\'s my 2 cents The one thing is Sharon\'s techniques is a technique and if you cut out any of her steps or substitute different products and don\'t use a hard enough pressing surface you won\'t get the results. I too tried her binding technique about a year ago and found it impossible then I watched her video on her network site and followed step by step and I love the results. The key is the right pressing surface and a hot enough iron. Also when all is said and sone the best way to remove the glue is synthropal. To those who have tried this technique it takes some practice but like any new technique including learning new long arm techniques sometimes it takes a while to get it down pat. For anyone interested you can watch sharon\'s video\'s on utube or go to her network and watch the free section of videos. http://www.sharonschambernetwork.com/media/free/index.html As for me I love her techniques.
  8. Thanks everyone, I\'m surprised at how fast he was in posting pictures. I finished the quilt at around 11:00pm but it was worth it. Now I get to bake cookies and enjoy all the other fun christmas things. Oh ya me and my 7 year old daughter went shopping for backing fabric and I\'m going to try and panto it tonight and make it a surprise for christmas. The quilt is for her. So I guess I have one more guilt to do. Anyhow merry christmas and happy holidays to all. Tina
  9. I\'ve found that using synthropol and soaking the quilt overnight gets out many an amazing thing including pre-printed kits.
  10. I just tried amoural on my rails and couldn\'t believe the difference this made to the motion of my millie but I\'m going to try the WD40 just to see the difference. I\'ll let you know what I find out. Tina
  11. I live a 6 hour drive from Minot ND in Regina SK, Canada. November 2,3 Bismark is having a quilt show. Winter is no problem just dress in layers, because it can be cold and then warm up or be warm and then get cold, you just never know.
  12. Like I had said initially, this isn't something we need on a regular basis. I would hope that having some climate controls in place would eliminate most of the issues. This past week, the tradeshow was exceptionally humid which is something we hadn't initially counted on. But now that we're back at the home studio, things are working well. We'll have to check out that other link too Phyllis. I've already opened Pandora's box, so there's no way I can hide a potential source of more quilt related items from the wifey. May as well go with the flow...less chance of a black eye that way Still though, knowing that we can safely use that much silicon on thread is a good thing to know if the next tradeshow gets that humid. Or our AC breaks down (/sacrifices chicken to the thread gods to ensure AC doesn't break down) --edit doh...wife's profile was still logged on when I responded. I'm not a split personality yet...honest S&N
  13. Just a little question. What is considered good or near perfect tension. My tension is perfect on top and just sometimes on the back I get slight little pokes of thread coming through. Usually I use the same thread top and bottom but I just had one customer who had a cream back and thimbleberries on top. When I did the quilt she wanted matching cream thread on back and a dark verigated on top. When I went to quilt no matter what I did I would still get these little dark pokies on the back. I tried adjusting both top and bottom and just can't seem to get the two threads to meet in the middle. Any suggestions would be good. PS I've read all the threads on tension and this is the fist I've noticed the little pokes and I'm sure it's cause of using the lite and dark threads together. Advice, tips, tricks greatly appreciated. Batting is Warms and natural. All people use this batting out here unless they purchase the hobbs from me(I prefer hobbs)
  14. This is so exciting I just finished filming a segment on qulting with CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Corportation) The show is called "Living Saskatchewan" and it goes through the steps of what's involved with quilting. The second last segment features me and the host learning to use my millie. I was so nervous but it was so much fun. It airs on September 10, 2007 at 1:00pm central standard time(I'll get back on this when I know for sure) Thanks for the support. Tina