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  1. Use medium weight non-woven interfacing for masks. This acts like a safe filter. Please label each mask with a permanent fabric pen and write "WASHABLE FILTER INSIDE". If they aren't labeled then no one will know about your filter. DON'T USE PAPER FILTERS like coffee filter because they are not washable. The masks are sterilized and washed for the life of the use of them. Thanks!
  2. Use NO SEW ties for your masks (if you run out of elastic). Cut T-shirts straps. Cut 1 1/2" strips and when you pull on these they just naturally roll up into a cord. No need to sew these cords. Cut long enough for them to tie around the back of the head. You only need 2 cords. Sew each one to the side of your mask and it makes 4 ties! These wash really well are strong to last long. If you live in East TN contact Christy Smith @ ClassicalChristy@yahoo.com . She needs 1300 masks for nursing homes here. SamaratinsPurse.com also needs masks for NYC. Thank you!
  3. I am making a new quilt and noticed the video suggests to be sure to cut off the selvages. I know in a lot of fabrics the selvage obviously should be cut off because it is white (off color compared to the fabric),and/or there is writing on it and that showing would not look good! Today however I am using batiks and the selvages just blend in so nicely. I don't see a color problem. I can't help but wonder.....is it necessary to remove the selvages when working with batiks? In general are selvages removed because they are stiffer and that will do something wonky to the finished quilt?
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