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  1. I was using So Fine and both the top and the bottom. I've had some success with adjusting the level of the hopping foot. It wasn't visible but it did feel differently when sliding a business card under the foot between front and back.
  2. I've got directional tension issues when using my IQ pantos. It seems that it is fine when just testing in manual mode. When I start the panto, the stitching on the back of the quilt lays on top of the quilt when going the the backward direction. If I tighten the tension to alleviate this issue, the tension on the front is too tight. I've also tried a bigger needle, rotating the needle, lighter thread in the bobbin, and slowing the speed down. Nothing has helped. I've read and tried all of the suggestions posted thus far. Any help. Is it at all related to the IQ software?
  3. I am having similar issue. Any more help.
  4. when using the horizontal channel lock, the line is not even to the bar, and it "drifts" away. About a 1/2 off.
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